Muscle MX CBD Balm-CBD Pain Relief Rub

If you are looking for the best CBD pain relief rub on the market, you have come to the right place! I have tried a few CBD lotion/CBD rub product, but none compare with the products created by Muscle MX! Honestly, their 2 products knock all others completely out of the park! What is CBD? Before you understand why this CBD pain relief rub works so well, we first need you to understand exactly what is CBD. The scientific name for CBD is cannabidiol, and it is one of the 113 cannabinoids that have been identified in the cannabis plant so far. In fact, this one cannabinoid makes up almost 40% of the plants extract! CBD has been researched for quite some time now, but we are still finding new uses for it medicinally. Believe it or not, CBD is medicinally useful for both humans and pets! CBD is often used as a tincture product, a lotion or balm, in a vape-able substance, in pill form, and in many other unique ways. The advantages of each form of CBD are different, and Muscle MX has created the best CBD rub for pain that I have found yet! CBD is created from the cannabis plant, but it does not contain psycho-active effects. Unlike the compound THC which is restricted by law through almost the entire world, CBD is legal in all 50 states. Until now CBD had been a banned substance on the World Anti-Doping Agency list, but this has recently been amended and will take effect at the beginning of 2018. Basically, CBD has proved its worth as a reputable medicine, and the entire world is seeing it! What Can a CBD Rub for Pain Do? Although all the administrations of CBD products are excellent, today I will be specifically talking about the CBD lotion form, and the ability to be used as a pain relief rub. Anyone who has ever watched even 2 hours of American television has probably seen at least 1 “Icy Hot” commercial in their life, which is exactly what a CBD lotion for pain is competing with. Icy Hot and Bio Freeze are two well known “pain relief rubs” on the market, but neither of them treat what is going on with your body. Believe me, I have used these A LOT in my career. However, I am lucky enough to feel like I have finally found a suitable replacement! CBD Pain Relief Rub Compared with Bio Freeze and Icy Hot Besides the fact that Icy Hot and Bio Freeze are not natural products, they do not have any lasting benefits for your body. In a way this is the genius of them from a marketing stand point, because you will always come back to buy more! These types of products can help you get up and running, but once the effect wears off your body will probably feel even worse. If you opt for a CBD pain relief rub instead, you will get up and running but also work on curing the issue that is causing you pain or immobility! One of the most well-documented uses of CBD cannabidiol is that it has powerful anti-inflammatory effects on the human body, which is why it is perfect to be used as a rub for pain. The Muscle MX CBD balm can be applied directly to the problem area of your body, assisting you with getting moving as quickly as possible! For example, tendonitis issues are caused almost completely by inflammation. There are certain aspects to tendinitis that CBD cannot treat, such as muscle imbalances. But, they can drastically improve the local inflammation causing tendonitis, as well as a lot of the pain. If you use a product such as Bio Freeze, you will be able to go and train, but your condition will be getting worse since you will cause even more inflammation. Another option would be to use loads of anti-inflammatory drugs to cure the pain, and reduce inflammation. Although effective, this can have lasting issues for your organs. Especially for athletes such as myself who take copious amounts of anti-inflammatory medicines for the bulk of our careers, finding a suitable natural replacement could be a literal life saver! As a topical CBD product, there are none better than the 2 created by Muscle MX! The 2 products that they make are: Muscle MX Activate CBD Balm Muscle MX Recovery CBD Balm There formulas are both simple, and similar. However, they both distinctly improve symptoms in unique ways! Muscle MX Activate CBD Balm The first point that I want to make clear about both the Activate, and Recovery CBD rub for pain products made by Muscle MX is that CBD Oil is not the only reason these are effective. CBD is certainly a wonderful product on its own, but being combined with other ingredients properly can help it even more! NW Hemp and Earth Milk Topicals CBD Hemp Product Review Of all the CBD companies I have ever looked at, I think I just found… Along with CBD Oil, the Activate product also contains: Coconut Oil Beeswax Vitamin E Grapeseed Oil Camphor Oil Menthol Peppermint Oil Caffeine Oil Arnica Oil Not one single synthetic product! I have seen many CBD lotions for pain online, and tested some myself, but I have never seen one created without any unnecessary unnatural products like this! There are a lot of reasons to be impressed with, but the use of Arnica Oil, Caffeine Oil, and Camphor Oil are specifically awesome. Arnica Oil Arnica is an herb which mainly grows in Central Europe, and Siberia. It grows in some places in North America as well, but it is much more unique to us. Arnica itself is used in many traditional medicines of those regions to reduce pain and swelling caused by bruises, aches, sprains, arthritis, muscle damage, cartilage damage, and more! Camphor Oil Camphor Oil is chemically created by the Vicks VapoRub company, but their form of Camphor is not necessarily as useful as the one here. In traditional medicine, Camphor is used topically to increase blood flow by being a “counterirritant.” In other words, Camphor can reduce pain and swelling by causing an irritation to the area applied, inducing extra blood flow. Camphor Oil is made from the Camphor tree, and is another exceptional natural product in the Muscle MX CBD Activate Balm. Caffeine Oil We all know the product caffeine, but have you ever seen it used in a muscle rub for pain before? Caffeine is excellent for stimulating blood flow and circulation, which is exactly what it does in this product. The Caffeine Oil is specifically only used in their Activate balm because it is perfect for before you go to train, work, or move around. Using natural Caffeine Oil is an excellent way to stimulate your muscles and joints to work freely, without feeling as much pain as you would otherwise. Pretty awesome, Right? Muscle MX Recovery CBD Balm This CBD pain relief rub is not all that different than the Activate version, but it does have a couple different ingredients. Honestly though, this product is amazing. I use this CBD rub for pain literally every day. One area that I have felt a huge improvement with from this CBD lotion for pain is my elbows and forearms, believe it or not! At the moment I have been working on my pull-ups a lot, which has given me a little bit of forearm tightness and elbow pain. After each workout, I use the Muscle MX Recovery CBD Balm. Instead of the pain constantly growing, it has reduced even with doing more pull-ups! I can hardly believe it! This CBD balm contains: Coconut Oil Beeswax Vitamin E Grapeseed Oil Menthol Peppermint Oil Arnica Montana Extract Oil Eucalyptus Oil Tea Tree Oil Again, no unnecessary unnatural ingredients! The big additions to this CBD Recovery Balm are Eucalyptus Oil, and Tea Tree Oil. Eucalyptus Oil The Eucalyptus tree is mainly thought of as the main food for koala bears, but it is much more than that! Eucalyptus Oil is one of the most commonly used essential oils, with an amazing host of benefits for humans. Personally, I love the smell of Eucalyptus Oil. It is excellent for helping control my asthma throughout the year, and I have it running in my essential oil diffuser at home very often. When applied topically though in a lotion for pain such as this, it is an amazing anti-inflammatory and healing oil! Eucalyptus Oil is both anti-microbial, and anti-septic in nature. It is effective at treating a wide array of wounds, burns, cuts and more, while also helping to keep the applied areas free of infection. Using Eucalyptus Oil locally in a CBD balm is an excellent way to speed up the healing process! Tea Tree Oil Tea Tree Oil comes from the leaves of the Tea Tree, being originally found in Australia as well. The Tea Tree Oil is not related to the tea leaves of the common green or black tea, and is instead its own type of plant. Tea Tree Oil has an enormous range of benefits for the human body when applied locally. Benefits include helping to heal fungal infections and disease, and speeding the recovery process of nearly every skin issue! Tea Tree Oil is an amazing compound to apply to your skin after training, especially if you are dealing with an injury. Applying this will help you recover from injury quickly, and train more frequently! Concluding Thoughts on Muscle MX CBD Balm Whether you are recovering from an injury, or you are just looking to speed up your recovery time from consistent training, this is literally the best product on the market I have found. I am very sure that there is no other topical CBD rub for pain that does not contain any unnatural ingredients such as this one. If you hadn’t already figured it out, I highly suggest you go to try this product yourself!