Using Cannabis as a Topical Application for Sport’s injuries


The time has come for you to step up to the plate and take the swing that will change it all. The problem is it’s not you standing there alone, that nagging old pain you’ve had ever since you took that terrible fall is also there. But again you focus as hard as you can on your objective and try to eliminate all the distractions, but alas you just can’t shake that deep ache. The moment arrives, it´s now or never, a million thoughts race through your head and all of them distracted by that deep pain that makes you feel like you’re going to make a mistake even before you have to perform…



Any athlete knows that small differences is what separates the winners from the losers and the rich from the underpaid. The options are opiate based medications, ointments or even surgery.  The problems with these methods are very noteworthy.  Like in the case with prolonged opiate based medication use brings down the endogenous opiate production capabilities of the human body, thus causing problems with the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, triggering something called panhypopituitarism, with symptoms of chronic fatigue, obesity, diabetes, insomnia, depression, GI inhibition and decreased libido.

Maybe pharmaceuticals are not your weapon of choice, maybe you prefer ointments and balms to deal with your sport injuries, and the problem is that even though these do alleviate the pain momentarily and allows you to continue on with your routine as usual, the following day you will feel the same pain or even an increased intensity due to the fact that you muffle the pain but did not remove the root cause and you did not initiate the true healing process needed for full muscular restoration. The pain muffling is possibly due to the capacity of ointment used to trick the brain receptors in feeling a different feeling than it actually should while injured.  Unfortunately, In many cases causes the athlete to worsen the injury which usually ends up with a surgery that possibly could end your sports career be it professional or amateur.



Yes and it’s called CBD (cannabinoid) an active ingredient found in cannabis, found useful in relieving pain, convulsions, anxiety, nausea and even acts as a cancer cell growth inhibitor. It is the pain relieving attribute that I would like to focus on today, seeing that CBD´s are naturally produced by your body.  An ointment made from a strain with a high concentration of CBD´s would be easily and rapidly recognized and absorbed by your body and would increase blood flow in a natural way, speeding up the true healing process your body needs to facilitate and to bring about the biological change your body needs to restore damaged muscle and even bone tissue.

The real question is why is it that for thousands of years our ancestors knew that cannabis was an adequate answer to many ails, whilst the modern scientist refuse religiously to consider the power of cannabis and its healing properties?

The body has natural receptors for the important compounds in cannabis, and this is why we must at the very least consider the power it has in dealing effectively with sport injuries.


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