“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?”

Satchel Paige famously asked that question when he became the oldest rookie in the history of major league baseball at age 42. But he didn’t know he was 42 at the time; no one could locate his birth certificate. He felt young, so he acted young. He pitched his final game at 59. Maybe you feel the same way—young at heart—but your muscles, tendons and joints won’t let you do what your mind wants you to do. Pain and inflammation often force you to miss out on the moments that are most important in life.

Fortunately, the science of muscle care has come a long way. You don’t have to sit on the sidelines. The simple, all-natural ingredients in Muscle MX combine to form a powerful barrier against pain and inflammation that will help you act as young as you feel.

The key is pre-activity prevention with our ACTIVATE formula, and post-activating soothing with our RECOVERY formula. Here’s how it works:
ACTIVATE: Gently warms up your body with powerful, heated, pain relief. Use Activate on your muscles, joints and tendons before any activity for effective preventative care.
RECOVERY: Experience soothing relief for your achy muscles, joints and tendons with this powerful, fast-acting pain relief balm. Recovery can be used after any activity or to treat general pain and discomfort.

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