At the last Olympics, the difference between first and last place in the 100 meter dash was .25 seconds. That’s eight runners crossing the line in the time it takes your heart to beat once.

Edge. It’s what every professional athlete is looking for. It’s that piece of equipment, training method, or nutritional approach that will give you a .01-second advantage over your competition. The quest for an edge is why you don’t see sprinters wearing those baggy jogging shorts anymore. And why you don’t see Tour de France riders on steel-frame bikes. And why you don’t see NFL players wearing leather helmets.

And it’s why you shouldn’t be using traditional sports creams. Muscle MX is on the cutting-edge of muscle care, offering professional athletes natural, powerful balms to aid in the prevention of injury and the recovery of muscles, joints and tendons.

The key is pre-activity prevention with our ACTIVATE formula, and post-activing soothing with our RECOVERY formula. Here’s how it works:

ACTIVATE: Stimulates muscles with powerful, heated, pain relief. Use Activate on your muscles, joints and tendons before any activity for effective preventative care.

RECOVERY: Experience soothing relief for your achy muscles, joints and tendons with this powerful, fast-acting pain relief balm. Recovery can be used after any activity or to treat general pain and discomfort.

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