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What CBD Gummies Can Do For You
  • February 25, 2021
  • Ellen Anderson


CBD gummies are easily one of the most sought-after types of hemp products on the market today, offering a unique delivery method that is particularly capable of satisfying the needs of cannabidiol lovers.  Gummies are more widely available than ever before, making them easier to find if you want to incorporate them into your routine.

What are CBD Gummies?

In short, CBD gummies are gummy candies that are infused with hemp extract.  They come in an airtight container which keeps them fresh so that they can remain as potent as possible.  CBD gummies are ingested which means that the manner in which they absorb into the body is unique.

How Do CBD Gummies Work?

CBD gummies work via the digestive process, which means that when we consume them, they work their way through the digestive tract before getting processed by the liver, allowing the hemp compounds in the formula to get released into the bloodstream and travel widely throughout the body.

How Should I Take CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are known for being a particularly user-friendly delivery method, meaning that you do not need to deal with measuring out the product to come up with a standard dose or special equipment to consume them.  Gummies come with dosing instructions on the label and following them allows you to know that you are taking the right amount according to the manufacturer’s knowledge of the product.

Typically, one or two gummies counts as a single dose, with each piece containing the same number of milligrams of hemp extract.

Gummies can be taken at any time of the day, and you should time your dose about two hours before you want the effects to take place so that the hemp peaks in the body when it will be the most useful to you.  For instance, if you are taking gummies to sleep better at night, you would want to take your dose about two hours before going to bed.

What Makes CBD Gummies Unique from Other Delivery Methods?

Each delivery method interacts with the body in its own way by how it absorbs into the body’s tissue.  Now, we can take a closer look what separates gummies from other delivery methods that are available on the market.

Great Tasting

Without a doubt, gummies are the tastiest way to experience the properties of the hemp plant.  They come in delicious flavors and textures that you can savor while you give yourself a dose of CBD.  Because of how yummy they are, you will look forward to each dose.

Easy to Dose

Like we said, each gummy in a package contains the same number of milligrams of hemp per piece.  Some delivery methods require that you measure out the number of milligrams you are taking to ensure a consistent routine.  Gummies eliminate this step so that you do not need to put any effort into maintaining your regimen with hemp.

Offer Long-Lasting Effects

Because of the nature of ingestion, gummies offer the longest-lasting effects of all of the delivery methods.  They tend to stay active in the body for up to eight hours, and for comparison, inhalable methods may only last for about an hour, give or take.  Examples of people who would find gummies to be the most helpful out of all the delivery methods include those dealing with stress, fatigue and pain, as well as other situations in which the person may need all-day support.

Longer Onset Time

Gummies can take up to two hours to take effect, or as little as one hour.  This is due to of the body’s natural digestive process, in which the compounds must travel through the entire digestive tract before getting released into the bloodstream by the liver.  The effects will be more subtle, slowly releasing themselves throughout the body’s various systems.

They Can Be Enhanced with Additional Active Ingredients

Gummies can be formulated with additional active ingredients to deliver a more specific series of effects.  For instance, Muscle MX’s Relax Gummies combine hemp extract with ashwagandha, an adaptogenic herb that has been used for centuries for supporting the nervous system and reducing feelings of stress and fatigue.

Muscle MX also offers Energy Gummies for supporting the body’s natural energy cycle with gentle yet effective plant-based active ingredients, such as L-Theanine, Green Coffee Caffeine, Ginkgo Biloba and B-12 .

Offer More Digestive Support

If you want to use CBD for digestive support, gummies may be the best choice out of all of the delivery methods.  They make the most contact with the actual digestive system as they work their way through the body.  During this time, their anti-inflammatory properties absorb into the intestines.

Studies have found that cannabidiol may play a role in supporting the intestine’s mucosal defense that prevents inflammation that can lead to pain, bloating and other common digestive issues.

May Provide More Systemic Effects

It is possible that taking hemp in the form of an edible offers more widespread systemic effects than other methods.  This is because the act of the compounds being released into the bloodstream by the liver may allow them to reach a wider variety of systems and processes throughout the body.  CBD is a cannabinoid, which means that the body’s endocannabinoid system sends it to different cannabinoid receptors located all throughout the body.  This process allows the cannabinoid receptors to regulate specific processes as needed.

Similarly, CBD’s effects seem to be particularly gentle when consumed as an edible.  While the effects last longer, they work more behind the scenes, so to speak.  Yet, they are still bioavailable and effective enough to help you reach your hemp-related goals.

Check Out What CBD Gummies Can Offer You Today!

CBD can offer a wide range of useful properties to overall health, and these properties are uniquely felt when consumed in gummy form.  At Muscle MX, we offer superb gummy formulas that have what it takes to give you high-quality cannabidiol and other hemp compounds in a delicious and bioavailable form.

  • February 18, 2021
  • Ellen Anderson

ACTIVATE 350mg CBD Heating Balm

Fitness enthusiasts know the ordeal that muscles and joints can go through to complete a workout, and how important a warmup is so the muscles can avoid injury.  Even with the right stretches and warm-up exercises, our bodies are not ready to be pushed to the max.  At Muscle MX, we developed a formula recommended by physical therapists and doctors to activate those muscles and joints,  ACTIVATE 350mg CBD Heating Balm.

Apply ACTIVATE CBD Heating Balm liberally muscle, joints, ligaments and tendons that tend to be impacted, before you hit the gym, allowing the natural ingredients to work their way beneath the skin.  Enhanced with CBD and plant-derived heating compounds, it gives you the jumpstart you need to complete an intensive exercise regimen.

Muscle MX ACTIVATE is the Best Kickstart to a Busy Day!

Muscle MX’s ACTIVATE CBD Heating Balm combines the unique and effective properties of the hemp plant in addition to a variety of natural compounds that deliver a heating effect to the areas, increasing circulation.  This warming protects against injuries while feeling more capable of meeting your workout-related demands.

This topical balm comes in stick form that can be taken with you to the gym, while offering a mess-free means for application that works within minutes and lasting for the duration of your exercise.

What is Muscle MX ACTIVATE Used For?

When at the gym, we are counting on our muscles and joints to handle the intensity of the workout that we have in store.  But, if we are dealing with inflammation or fatigue, we might not be able to push ourselves as much as we would like to.  If our muscles and joints are not prepared for the workout ahead, we risk injury as the demands that we put them through are too much for the tissue to withstand.  This can lead to tearing, strains and sprains that require time off from the gym, which many of us simply cannot afford if we have specific goals in mind.

Our heating balm is applied to the muscles and joints right before working out so that they can be in the best shape possible when it is time to work out.

How to Use the ACTIVATE CBD Heating Balm

ACTIVATE was designed to be as user-friendly as possible.  As it comes in a stick, all that you need to do is glide the formula along the muscles without making a mess in the process.  The exact amount does not matter, so no need to worry about getting a dosage just right.  Just apply as liberally as you see fit.

It is best to apply this balm about 15 minutes before your workout, as that is about how long it takes for the compounds to peak in the tissue.  The formula stays active for up to 6 hours, so you will not need to reapply during the middle of your routine.

THC-Free, Compound-Rich Hemp Extract

The hemp extract used in this formula is broad spectrum, which means that all THC has been removed, but it still retains the other desirable cannabinoid compound from the hemp plant.

Natural Heating Properties

Within the ACTIVATE formula is a blend of camphor, eucalyptus and caffeine.  These ingredients can provide a heating sensation to the muscles on contact so that the blood flows to the muscles more effectively.  Further, peppermint and arnica offer analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties to keep away soreness and inflammation.

350mg Per Stick

Every balm stick contains 350 milligrams of CBD, making this a particularly potent formula.  The hemp is third party lab-tested for quality and is derived from organic hemp plant material.

Extremely Easy to Use

This topical was made to be extremely user-friendly, as you can simply glide the product along the body as needed without it leaving behind a sticky or greasy mess.  Your hands will not be coated in balm after you are done, and the entire application process takes just seconds.

Plant-Derived Formula

The formula we have developed is completely free of additives and fillers and contains only naturally derived ingredients that are both safe and known to prevent irritation to the skin.

Moisturizing to the Skin

Our base formula consists of vitamin E, coconut oil, beeswax and grapeseed oil, which all provide intensive moisture to the skin so that you can alleviate irritation caused by dryness.  These ingredients can repair the skin as well to leave it more smooth and supple.

Super Bioavailable

We have gone above and beyond to ensure maximum bioavailability with our formula by using only the most advanced extraction and purification methods that ensure complete effectiveness.  We create our balms in small batches so that they are fresh, which adds to their potency.

An Overall Great Addition to Your Daily Routine

ACTIVATE Heating Balm is the perfect addition to your workout routine and can be used each day prior to working out.  No wonder this topical is the ultimate treat for your muscles and joints prior to exercise, developed specifically for fitness enthusiasts and supported by physical therapists.

This all-natural, user-friendly formula can get your body into the right shape to push yourself with a lower risk of injury and can help you with aches and pains that get in the way of a solid fitness regimen.

How CBD Drops are Part of a Healthy Lifestyle
  • February 11, 2021
  • Ellen Anderson

If you have been looking to make Cannabidiol (CBD) part of your daily routine, but are unsure where to start, we strongly recommend starting with CBD Drops.  Also referred to as CBD oil or a CBD tincture, CBD drops are convenient and user-friendly.  Absorbed sublingually, this formula provides both fast-acting and long-lasting effects and is easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

What are CBD Drops, and What Makes Them Unique from Other CBD Products?

CBD Drops come in a dropper bottle, which has a pipette attached to the cap.  This makes it easy to portion out each dose, as a full dropper contains a milliliter of liquid, which is a standard dose.  Sublingual absorption is a unique delivery method that takes effect within 15 to 30 minutes and provides effects for up to 4 hours.  It can be taken more than once a day if needed and is a versatile product that can be used for many needs.

How Do CBD Drops Work?

CBD drops are absorbed through the sublingual tissue, which is the fleshy skin directly below the tongue.  The user pours out a dropper’s worth of oil below the tongue and holds it there for 60 seconds and swallows the remainder.  As the oil absorbs, it reaches the bloodstream in a fast and efficient manner allowing its effects to be widely felt throughout the body.

Tinctures are not associated with serious negative effects.  At most you may feel groggy if you take especially high dose.  Many find a single dropper a day is all they need to get their desired results.

How Do CBD Drops Differ from Each Other?

Today’s hemp market offers a wide variety of unique tincture formulas.  Let’s discuss how CBD drops can differ from each other based on specific factors that play a role in your ultimate experience.


The formula for CBD drops typically consists of a hemp extract that is suspended in a carrier oil.  The formula, aside from the hemp extract itself, can contain any number of ingredients, either naturally or artificially derived.  Most believe natural formulas are ideal, and the fewer the ingredients, the better.  Ideally, a CBD drop formula contains a carrier oil that is very gentle on the body, like MCT oil, and does not contain unnecessary fillers or additives.

Strength and Flavor

Drops are available in different milligram strengths, which determines the potency of each dose. Some CBD drops are flavored to disguise the unavoidable hemp taste.  The flavoring ingredients are usually naturally derived, such as essential oils and hemp-derived terpenes.

Hemp Extract Types

CBD drops can be made with one of three types of hemp extract.  The first is CBD isolate, which only contains cannabidiol.  The second is full spectrum hemp extract, which contains CBD, along with all compounds in the hemp plant, including trace amounts of THC.  Lastly there is broad spectrum hemp extract, which has all the compounds of the plants, but unlike full spectrum, has 0.00% THC. The benefits of full and broad spectrum versus isolate is the entourage effect. When all the compounds of the hemp plant are taken in combination, they act synergistically produce a better effect than when taken alone.

What Can CBD Drops Do for Me?

Research has shown that the properties of hemp can be useful to the human body in many ways that can enhance your daily routine.

Stress and Sleep

Studies have found that CBD may reduce stress and enhance sleep by regulating the production of neurotransmitters such as cortisol and melatonin, in the brain.


CBD may possess properties that offer pain relief as studies have found.  Cannabinoids, including CBD, contain anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.  CBD drops can also be applied topically, as opposed to ingested, to an area for targeted relief.


Additional research is starting to point to signs that CBD may enhance energy levels if taken in the daytime, due to the regulatory effects on energy homeostasis. This supports the body’s natural daily energy cycle.


CBD may offer cognitive-enhancing properties to the neurological system, which could play a role in balancing focus, motivation, and memory.  It is currently being studied for potential effects on dementia.

Digestive Support

Cannabidiol may offer digestive support by strengthening the lining of mucus in the digestive tract that fights inflammation.

How to Take CBD Drops as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Getting the most out of your CBD Drops formula requires that you choose your product carefully and take it in the most effective manner.  Here are the proper steps to using Drops to have a meaningful experience.

Step #1: Talk to Your Doctor

As always, talk to your doctor before starting a new routine so they can help you come up with a plan according to your specific medical situation, or current medications.

Step #2: Choose the Right Milligram Strength

Choose the best milligram strength for your needs by evaluating how much support you need and considering your body weight and size. (Those who weigh more than average typically do better with a higher strength.)

Ex.1000mg is the standard milligram strength of a 30ml tincture formula, so use this as your gauge.

Step #3: Take the Proper Dosage Amount

Remember that a single dose is a full dropper’s worth of oil, so make sure that you take the full dose to get the most effectiveness possible.

Step #4: Time Your Dosage According to Your Needs

Consider when you take your CBD drops.  If utilizing them for energy support, earlier in the day is better.  If you intend to use the drops for rest, take your dose shortly before bed.

Step #5: Take Your CBD Daily

To experience the full effects of your chosen drops, you will need to take it once a day, as part of a consistent routine.  This ensures that the cannabinoids in the plant accumulate in the body to be as effective as possible.

Bring Balance Back to Your Body

Muscle MX CBD Drops can be the perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle regimen, and you can easily find a formula that caters to your specific goals and preferences.  Taking your drops daily in the proper strength and dosage will ensure that cannabidiol gives you the full properties that it is capable of, and because of its many unique effects, it can provide usefulness both physically and mentally.


Staying Committed to Healthy Habits with Your Partner
  • February 2, 2021
  • Ellen Anderson

When it comes to taking care of your health, no matter how much you work toward your goals and get the desired results, it can feel isolating.  When diving into a wellness routine that you commit to daily and take pride in, it can be disheartening when those around you do not share your enthusiasm.

But, if you and your partner engage in the same routine as a couple, you can not only find that you feel less isolated, but that you also get better results in the end.  Couples who maintain healthy habits together typically feel more accountable to hold up their end of the bargain, which means a lower chance of relapsing into unhealthy habits.  Further, the shared enthusiasm between you and your partner can help you take your healthy routines more seriously.

You Can Hold Each Other Accountable

A big reason for engaging in healthy habits along with your partner is accountability.  When two people who share a life together are committed to the same goal, they can encourage each other not to give up, and provide some needed pressure to keep up the routine.  If one person begins to slip, the other will remind them that if they can maintain the routine, so can the other.

You Can See Tangible Results in Each Other

You are more likely to stick with a routine if you see the desired results.  But it can take longer for some to get to those desired results than others.  Maintaining a routine with a partner means you can see results in one another, which can motivate both to keep pushing on.

You Can Balance the Costs

Another bonus of maintaining a routine between a couple is that you can share the costs or cover the expenses when one partner is unable to for whatever reason.  This is especially helpful when it comes to taking something daily, such as CBD or a supplement.  The two of you can split the costs each month, which feels like less of a financial burden on just one person.

You Can Support Each Other

Couples who maintain healthy habits together can support one another.  They can make a concerted effort to make the other person feel confident that they are making the best choices for their long-term health.  And they can lift one another’s spirits as they adjust to potentially huge changes in each other’s day-to-day routines.

You Can Come Up with Shared Goals

A good way for couples to ensure success is to develop shared goals.  For instance, if both parties are trying to lose weight, they can come up with a specific number of pounds they want to lose, which can act as a means for mutually motivating the other.  If they are trying to quit smoking, for instance, they can create a quit day during which they will both have to smoke their last cigarette.

You Can Make Suggestions to One Another

If two partners are trying to achieve the same wellness goals, they can offer suggestions to each other based on their specific experiences.  For instance, if two couples are trying to maintain a cannabidiol routine, one can suggest to the other that they noticed a strong improvement when they upped their daily dosage.

Wellness Practices You Can Enjoy as a Couple

Now, let’s talk about some wellness practices that can be enjoyed together as a couple.  All these habits can be more successful if you are engaging in them alongside your partner.

Dietary Changes

Dietary changes can make powerful impacts on our overall health.  The act of simply cutting out processed sugar, for instance, can result in weight loss, along with a lower risk of diabetes, more energy throughout the day and a more stabilized mood.

Fitness Routines

Couples who work out together are more likely to reach their wellness goals, because they motivate each other to push themselves.  Working out alone can be an isolating experience and make a person more likely to give up before they start seeing a major impact of their efforts.  But, exercising together creates a sense of accountability.  If one party is pushing themselves hard, they expect the other to do so, thus creating an increased sense of motivation.

Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness practices are great for couples that are feeling stressed or experiencing tension in their bodies.  Yoga and meditation are two examples of practices couples can do together.  Not only do these practices increase a sense of motivation and support, but couples may find that these practices benefit their relationship overall.  For example, there are forms of meditation that can be done as a couple which aim to build a sense of trust and understanding between the two parties, helping to deepen the bonds between one another.

CBD Regimens

If you have been thinking about starting a CBD routine, and are also in a relationship, consider asking your partner to take a daily dose of hemp alongside you.  CBD and other hemp compounds offer widespread usefulness throughout the body and mind, and it is hard to come up with a single circumstance under which it would not be worth trying.  When both couples take cannabidiol together, they are more likely to feel inspired to continue with their daily doses.  And, each party can explore different formulations and delivery methods, and report to one another with the results.

Something to Keep in Mind

Remember that ultimately, everyone’s body is different.  Therefore, the nuances of a particular routine may be different between you and your partner.  For instance, if you are both committed to taking CBD, one person may benefit more from a topical due to a localized issue, while the other may enjoy taking a tincture due to the unique effects of this delivery method.  Do not get so wrapped up in the specifics of the routine, but instead focus on the big picture of positive change.

There is Nothing Wrong with Adding More Health and Wellness as a Couple

The bottom line is that engaging in a healthy practice with another person can increase the chances of success in a multitude of ways.  Whether it is changing up your diet or adding CBD to your daily routine, you are more likely to get the results that you want when your partner is maintaining a routine right there beside you.  Therefore, if you want to take your results to a new level, ask your significant other to join.

7 Reasons to Make RELAX Drops Part of Your Routine
  • November 17, 2020
  • Ellen Anderson

Anyone who is new to the CBD market is likely to be overwhelmed.  Thousands of products are available, all promising the same benefits.  Additionally, there are many terms to learn; it can be intimidating.

Muscle MX’s RELAX Drops are tinctures that are easy to use, highly versatile, and made with the highest standards. Before we break down the reasons why this is the ultimate oil for your daily routine, let us explain what CBD drops are.

CBD Drops: What They Are and How They Work

“CBD Drops” is another term for Cannabidiol oil, which comes in a dropper bottle.  Its formula mainly consists of hemp extract and a carrier oil, although other beneficial ingredients may be added to it.

CBD oil has a few unique properties:

  • It is mostly taken as a tincture, which allows the compounds to absorb through the sublingual tissue in the mouth.
  • Fast absorption.
  • Easy to control each dose.
  • Can be used topically as a spot treatment for problem areas, as it absorbs efficiently through the skin.
  • Can ingested in food, which offers longer-lasting effects.

CBD drops are best taken daily, as this supports the body’s endocannabinoid system, which keeps us physically and mentally balanced.

Reasons to Use RELAX Drops

Now, let us get into the main reasons why this product is the ultimate option for anyone ready to try CBD oil.

Reason #1: CO2-Extracted, Lab-Tested Hemp

The most important It all starts with quality hemp, and that is exactly what we have prioritized when formulating these drops.  You will be able to verify that the quality and purity levels are up to your standards as we make our third-party lab reports easily accessible.  This means that we send each batch of hemp to an unbiased testing facility to make sure that it is up to par.

Further, we use the CO2 extraction process, which is the most exceptional method for extracting hemp compounds.  This process uses pressurized CO2 to gently lift the compounds from the plant material without damaging their structural integrity.  This results in a product with high bioavailability, meaning that you will get a more effective experience overall.  Further, it maintains their chemical stability so that the product will remain active and effective for a long time after purchase.

Reason #2: CBN for Added Relaxation

If we are going to call our product “RELAX,” then clearly, we have gone above and beyond to make sure that it is as calming as possible.  One way that we did this was by adding CBN isolate to the finished product.  CBN is known for providing a uniquely tranquil and blissful sensation to the user.

Reason #3: Ashwagandha for Better Stress Management

For those unfamiliar, ashwagandha is an Indian herb used for stress-relieving purposes.  It is an adaptogen, which means that it aids in managing stress more efficiently by helping regulate cortisol production in the brain.  We have made sure that each dose of our RELAX Drops contain an ample dose to help provide a calming effect without making you feel drowsy.

Reason #4: Amazing Flavor

Many people want their CBD drops to taste as good as they feel, which is why we have created delicious flavor from natural ingredients.  This makes every dose that much more enjoyable to take, and the clean ingredients will ensure that you can still feel good about taking the product daily.

Reason #5: Clean Formula

Other CBD brands loads their products with fillers and additives which bulk up the formula without any added benefits.  Worse, some of these fillers and additives may be toxic, and should not be consumed long term.  We believe in transparency with our customers, and you will find a list of ingredients that are as clean as they come.

Reason #6: Fast-Acting and Long-Lasting

CBD drops are a happy medium, kicking in quickly while offering activation in the system for a relatively long period of time.  Most people report a peak of CBD within 30 minutes of administration, and the effects can last for up to four hours.

Reason #7: The Ideal Milligram Strength for Daily Use

RELAX Drops have a CBD strength of 1000 milligrams total, meaning that each dose gives you about 33 milligrams.  This is ideal for most people, both experienced and at beginner level.  You can increase or decrease your dosage as needed.

How to Use the RELAX Drops

Using these drops could not be easier.  Simply fill the dropper attached to the cap with the oil, and then pour it beneath your tongue.  Hold it there for 60 seconds, and then swallow it.  During that 60 seconds, most of the CBD will absorb through your sublingual tissue and into the body.  The effects can take 15 to 45 minutes to peak, and then can last for a few hours.  You can take multiple doses per day if you so choose.

Grab Muscle MX RELAX Drops!

They are a great way to unwind after a long day or prepare for bedtime.  As you can see, this formula provides you with your daily dose of hemp, plus a known adaptogen that can enhance feelings of calm.  Try it for yourself by ordering a bottle today.

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