Why Can’t You Buy Quality Hemp-Based Products Off of Amazon?

Why Can’t You Buy Quality Hemp-Based Products Off of Amazon?

With most of the US in some type of quarantine or social distancing protocol, it means more of us will be spending more time online shopping instead of visiting our local stores.  If there’s one place where we can get just about anything that we could possibly need, it’s Amazon.  One of the most successful retailers in the history of commerce, Amazon is renowned for their absolutely enormous inventory that serves as a one-stop shop for most of the world.  Therefore, it would make sense that Amazon offers one of the largest varieties of CBD products, right?

Wrong.  Anyone who has a decent understanding of CBD has found that you simply can’t find the real stuff anywhere on the website.  Today, we will be talking about why that’s the case, and explaining why there are better sources from which to purchase your CBD products.

CBD and the Law: A Relationship That Remains Complicated

So, why can’t you find CBD on Amazon?  After all, CBD has become completely legal, and you can get it from so many other places, so why would the largest online retailer offer zero options?  Well, the law regarding CBD isn’t as simple as you might think.  For one thing, due to the fact that the FDA has still not approved CBD, CBD-infused products cannot be sold via standard payment processors, such as the ones used by Amazon, because it’s considered a high-risk product.

Further, CBD was classified as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance up until very recently.  While this does mean that CBD is legal federally, there is still a lot of legal confusion during the process of declassifying it.  Amazon, which clearly states that they do not sell drugs, continues to see CBD as one, which is why selling CBD on their website would go against their own policy. 

What You’ll Find When Shopping for CBD on Amazon

So, now you know that it’s illegal to sell CBD on amazon, which means that no CBD exists on the website.  But, to the confusion of consumers, when they look up “CBD” via the website’s search function, they see an endless list of hemp products that look an awful lot like the CBD products that we’re used to.  So, how can this be?

Well, here’s where things get a bit confusing.  The terms “CBD” and “hemp” are often used interchangeably within the market.  Hemp is the plant from which CBD is derived, and so all CBD products are technically hemp products.  But, not all hemp products are CBD products.  Allow us to explain.

CBD, the leading cannabinoid in the hemp plant, exists mainly in the flowers of the female plant.  This means that there are portions of the hemp plant in which you won’t find CBD.  Basically, when you buy a hemp product, it doesn’t necessarily contain any CBD.

The hemp products that you’ll find on Amazon are CBD-free, as is what the website’s regulations dictate.  So, they may be packaged to look like CBD products, and the product descriptions may use terms that sound a lot like those used to describe CBD, but they don’t actually contain this cannabinoid.

Most hemp products that you’ll find on Amazon come from the hemp seed, which does not contain cannabinoids.  The seed of the hemp plant is rich in a variety of nutrients, and may have some useful properties of its own, but at the end of the day, it’s not the CBD that you’re looking for.  In fact, a lot of CBD enthusiasts have been duped into buying non-CBD hemp products on Amazon thinking that they contain CBD, because many of the brands selling their hemp goods on Amazon purposely use methods to trick consumers into thinking that they use CBD in their products. 

Why You Should Avoid CBD on Amazon

Therefore, it’s clear that if you’re shopping for CBD, Amazon is not the place to be looking.  Simply put, it’s impossible to find what you’re looking for.  But, even if Amazon were to start selling CBD on their website, we’d suggest that you find other options.  Why?  Because it’s harder to come across brand transparency when shopping on Amazon.

The best way to know that you’re buying quality CBD is to interact directly with the brand making the products.  And, to do this, you should be buying your CBD directly from a company’s website.  On their website, you’ll have full access to all of the information you need to verify the legitimacy, quality, purity, chemical composition and potency of the CBD you wish to buy, including third-party lab reports that come from an unbiased testing facility.  This helps you better discern between one CBD brand and another in a search for the most effective and exceptional-quality CBD that’s out there.

Amazon has a reputation for selling inauthentic or expired products, as well.  Third-party vendors that use Amazon as their platform can get away with selling lower-quality products while using the literature that is associated with more legitimate brands.  This can make it much harder to know for certain what you’re getting when you make a purchase.  And, with CBD, you don’t want to take any chances, because the quality of the product has everything to do with whether or not you’ll have positive results.

The Best Source for Your CBD

At Muscle MX, we understand how important it is to prove our high standards to our customers.  We offer lab reports that verify the quality and purity of our hemp, and we are extremely transparent about every step of our manufacturing process, from the way in which the hemp was extracted to the ingredients that we use in our formulas.  This way, you don’t have to do a lot of digging to know that a CBD product you’re interested in is the real deal.  We provide you with all that you need to feel confident in making a purchase.

Amazon is Simply Not the Answer for Your Overall CBD Needs

If you’re looking for legitimate, high-quality and adequately potent CBD, you won’t find it on Amazon.  The good news is that there are much better sources for your CBD, like Muscle MX.  We sell legal, high-quality and completely authentic CBD that comes complete with third-party lab reports.

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