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CBD for your Health
  • December 30, 2020
  • Kami Day

Staying healthy starts with the right habits. Eating right, staying hydrated, exercise and getting enough sleep will always be important. But are they enough? An influx of research is showing us that incorporating CBD into our daily regimen is another simple habit that can have big effects on our overall health.

What Exactly is CBD?
CBD is the leading cannabinoid in the hemp plant. CBD supports the endocannabinoid system in the body, which oversees homeostasis. It does this by feeding CBD and other cannabinoids to receptors which can be found all throughout the body. Each cannabinoid receptor corresponds with a nearby bodily process by forcing regulatory actions to take place which promote better functionality. Cannabinoid receptors in the brain, for instance, use CBD for balancing hormones, boosting cognition, and protecting neurons. Cannabinoid receptors in the digestive tract aid in the digestive process while easing inflammation along the intestines, and so on.

How CBD Makes It into Your Daily Lifestyle
Here are some specific ways in which daily doses of CBD can be conducive to an overall healthier lifestyle.

CBD is Rich in Nutrients
Many people do not realize that CBD oil is also naturally high in essential nutrients that are good for overall health. Hemp naturally contains vitamins, omega fatty acids and amino acids which can all benefit the body and mind in unique ways. Therefore, each daily dose of CBD actually provides you with nutrients that are considered essential.

CBD is Rich in Terpenes
CBD is also rich in terpenes, which refers to a class of chemical compounds found in the essential oils of all plants. These terpenes determine the flavor and aroma of a particular plant, and mainly protect the plant from disease and predators. Therefore, they commonly contain health-boosting properties such as anti inflammatory and antibacterial activities.

Cannabinoids in CBD Offer Various Properties
Cannabinoids have been intensely studied in recent years as the popularity of hemp continues to grow. Some of the unique properties of cannabinoids that have been thoroughly researched by medical scientists are:

#1: Sleep
We’ve seen many studies demonstrate how CBD may help regulate the sleep cycle by improving the production of melatonin while reducing cortisol. Sleep is an essential part of overall wellness, as sleep deprivation can produce a host of negative effects on the body and mind.

#2: Stress Relief
Like we said above, CBD seems to have a regulatory effect on cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone that is released to trigger changes in the nervous system under the fight or flight response. Excess cortisol is dangerous to the body, putting a person at risk for some health conditions, like heart disease and stroke. It is common to produce too much cortisol due to our high-pressure, fast-paced lifestyles. Because it has the potential to regulate cortisol, CBD may be able to help us manage stress more efficiently by calming down naturally.

#3: Immune Health
We know that there are cannabinoid receptors in the immune system, which indicates that CBD can have unique effects on the immune system. There are some findings showing that CBD may enhance immunity by regulating the way in which the immune system functions, and playing a role in the inflammatory response produced within the immune system.

#4: Cardiovascular Health
We’re starting to see more interest in the potential effects of CBD on the cardiovascular system. This again comes from the presence of cannabinoid receptors within this system, which dictate the overall functionality of its many processes through regulatory action.

#5: Weight Management
No one will deny that weight plays a crucial role in maintaining good overall health, as being overweight can lead to a variety of health complications. Managing weight through healthy means is crucial, because many calorie-restrictive diets can cause more harm than good in the long run. New research suggests that CBD might help regulate the way in which the body stores and uses fat.

#6: Energy Homeostasis
Energy levels play a role in our health as well. Chronic fatigue can interfere with our motivation to take care of our bodies and exercise. CBD may help regulate energy homeostasis through functions in the brain that dictate our energy levels. This means that CBD may support your body’s natural energy cycle that peaks early on in the day and drifts off at night so that we may sleep properly.

How to Use CBD for Overall Lifestyle
As you can see, CBD may be a key factor to maintaining our health. It is important to use it correctly for the best effects. In order to find the correct CBD to use, look through online reviews and look for third-party lab reports to know that a company is legitimate, and that their products are pure and made with the best methods.  We suggest taking CBD daily as part of your regular wellness routine. CBD is most effective when it is used consistently as part of a daily regimen because this gives the endocannabinoid system all the support that it needs to do its job thoroughly and efficiently. Choose a milligram strength that reflects both your body weight and your specific goals and be open to changing it as needed. Also note that CBD is non-toxic to the body and can be taken in high milligram strengths that are available.

Do not Forget the Other Important Factors: Of course, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is about a lot more than taking CBD each day.
Here are the other things you need to stay on top of for maximum wellbeing.

Factor #1: Diet
It is imperative that you maintain a healthy and balanced diet that is rich in essential nutrients and low in sugar.

Factor #2: Exercise
Exercise should be performed regularly, ideally five times a week. There are many forms of exercise to choose from that vary in terms of difficulty and length of time required.

Factor #3 Hydration
Maintain proper hydration levels by traveling with water at all times. Dehydration can take effect even when you do not feel unusually thirsty.

Factor #4: Stress Management
Being stressed can kill, literally, so try to manage your stress through whichever means work for you.

Factor #5: Sleep
Aim to get seven to eight hours of sleep each night.

Final Thoughts

CBD is a widely used and thoroughly researched plant-based compound that has given a lot of people the relief that they were looking for, while offering potential ways to take their healthy lifestyle to the next level. As always, make sure to speak with your doctor to find out what type of regimen can work best for you.



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