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Where can you apply Muscle MX Balms?2019-09-04T13:37:37-06:00

Muscle MX Activate and Recovery are designed to work on all your muscle, tendons and joints. Apply to areas that are experiencing aches, tension, pain, stiffness and/or soreness. Just start from the neck and work your way down.

What is the advantage of topically applied cannabinoids.2019-09-04T13:43:48-06:00

They are non-psychoactive; you cannot get “high” by applying cannabinoids to your skin. You will not test positive for THC by using a topical, external product like Muscle MX. They do not enter your bloodstream, so there are no side effects or negative effects on your internal organs, unlike drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen, opiates, acetaminophen, benzodiazepines and other NSAIDs.

What is Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil?2019-09-04T13:39:32-06:00

CBD is a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits but it doesn’t make people feel “stoned” or disoriented. CBD is extracted and separated from specific varieties of cannabis plants. Chemically, CBD is one of 85 chemical substances known as cannabinoids, which are found in the cannabis plant.

Most people associate cannabis with the most famous constituent of cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is responsible for the “high” effect users get when using marijuana. While CBD is completely separate and isolated from THC, you cannot get “high” or stoned from CBD. Still, people confuse CBD and THC. As people and media become more educated on the benefits of CBD, they will realize that it’s an amazing substance that has incredible benefits to the human body. The very nature of the CBD-rich cannabis provides relief from body ailments, including inflammation, pain, anxiety, seizures and numerous other conditions.

What is a Muscle MX Balm?2019-09-04T13:36:32-06:00

Our Next Generation Sport Balms are specifically designed to enhance muscle performance, treat pain, soreness and inflammation safely and effectively. Muscle MX are topical anti-inflammatory treatments designed using 100% all natural and powerful ingredients to treat your body and encourage wellness.

Is there a good source on the medical benefits of CBD?2019-09-04T13:41:12-06:00
Is CBD oil safe to use while Pregnant?2019-09-04T13:42:12-06:00

There is a new study that finds cannabis use during pregnancy pose no significant threat.   However, you should consult with a physician who understands CBD and its properties if you’re considering to use it while pregnant.

Is CBD oil legal in my state?2019-09-04T13:43:03-06:00

The short answer is yes. CBD based products are 100% legal to purchase and consume in all 50 states.

How does CBD work to reduce pain and inflammation?2019-09-04T13:40:12-06:00

The reason CBD and other cannabis compounds benefits so many body ailments is due to the fact that active compounds found in cannabis plants mimic an internal harm reduction system in the human body that keeps our health in check called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

ECS is controlled by chemicals that our body produces called endocannabinoids. Our endocannabinoids are responsible for keeping most of our body and biological functions in balance like sleep, pain and appetite. If our body goes out of balance and moves into a state of stress, then the endocannabinoids go into action to fix the problem. Essentially, active components in cannabis or CBD mimics the endocannabinoids to help the body manage the stress or trauma our body experiences. CBD oil helps maintain chemical balance in our body. The best part is that CBD provides a natural method of keeping that balance.

How do you use the Muscle MX Balms?2019-09-04T13:38:07-06:00

Both the Activate and Recovery Balms are 100% Natural and can be applied daily as often as needed.

Activate – Before any activity, liberally apply and massage to areas that you want to kickstart into action.  The appropriate amount to use is based on your personal preference and type of activity you are doing.  Our recommendation is to apply as much you think will help.  Each body is a little different.

Recovery –  To help ease the pain or soreness, liberally apply and massage the balm to your muscles, joints and tendons after any activity.  Recovery can also be applied anytime your body experiences short term and long term discomfort.

Does Muscle MX Activate or Recovery Balms help with short and long-term pain and inflammation?2019-09-04T13:38:51-06:00

The short answer is yes.  Both balms have been designed and created to treat short and long term issues related to muscle, joints and tendons.  The balms were also designed not only to treat the surface pains but also penetrate deep for effective preventative care. We don’t mess around…..

The use of natural ingredients, especially Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, is used to help the body reduce soreness, pain and inflammation due to low and high impact activities.

As with most natural remedies, repeated applications might be necessary, especially at the start of treatment. Many Muscle MX users have reported that they are able to use much less often after the initial symptoms they are treating have decreased.

Can children use the Muscle MX Sport Balms?2019-09-04T13:44:33-06:00

Muscle MX is a safe, fast and natural way to relieve growing pains in children and we recommend using a topical over Tylenol any day!

Are there any known side effects, drug interactions or allergy issues with Muscle MX Balms?2019-09-04T13:45:11-06:00

To date, no side effects, drug interactions or allergy issues have been reported. Since all the ingredients are natural, we don’t anticipate any issues.

Are the Muscle MX Sport Balms 100% Natural?2019-09-04T13:37:04-06:00

Yes, both the Muscle MX Activate and Recovery are produced using only 100% organic oils and materials.  At Muscle MX, we believe mother nature has a ton of effective ingredients that help protect and heal the human body.  So why not take advantage of what has been given to us?  All while utilizing sustainable business and manufacturing processes.

Are the Muscle MX Balms available in stores?2019-09-04T13:46:22-06:00

At this time, Muscle MX is only available for purchase through our online store or Facebook page. However, we are working on several deals to make our products available for purchase in various retail outlets. We will keep everyone posted.

Are Muscle MX Balms guaranteed?2019-09-04T13:45:47-06:00

Yes. At Muscle MX we stand by our products 100%. We urge anyone that have purchased either Muscle MX Activate or Recovery and are not completely satisfied return it for a full refund. We have a no hassle return policy but we will ask you how we can possibly improve our products to win you back as a customer.