Life is fun, exhilarating, stressful and full of anxiety…..sometimes it happens all at once.  No matter the situation from kids, school or work, we all need to take the opportunity to step back and take a little time for ourselves to find a little inner peace.  Muscle MX RELAX Gummies can help take the edge off and to help us find a little calm and center to our lives. 

Gummies are becoming really popular right now because it’s so easy to take and they take the guessing out of CBD dosage.  The market is saturated with all types of gummies made with isolate CBD, sugar, corn syrup or gelatin.  Even worse, some gummies contain no CBD or high traces of CBD.

At Muscle MX, we saw that the market needed a gummy that was strong but actually healthy.  So we developed our gummy with a purpose.  Each of our gummies contain 25 mg of broad spectrum (no isolates in this gummy) CBD with 10mg of Ashwagandha to make it the perfect way to relax while you are on the go, after the gym or just before bed.