Restore Antimicrobial CBD Lotion
Restore Antimicrobial CBD Lotion


Today, there are so many elements that push us beyond our limits and tax our body to the point where we can’t function at optimal levels.  Either we experience pain and inflammation, loss of sleep, anxiety or weaker internal defense system.  Muscle MX Defense Bundle provides that exact combination of topicals and tincture to help achieve body balance and ultimate wellness.  

  • Works for preventative and treatment
  • Heating and cooling relief
  • 3-1 Lotion for hydration, relief and anti-microbial protection
  • Immunity booster with the help of CBD, Vitamin C, B, Zinc and Elderberry
  • All products perfectly synchronized to work together
  • Broad Spectrum CBD, 0.00% THC
  • Powerful, All Natural Ingredients, Non-GMO
  • We Ship to All 50 States and Internationally
  • 30-Day Guaranteed Relief
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