You’re doing it all. Working long hours. Raising the kids. Training for that half-marathon. Working in the yard. Running to the gym when you can. And if you’re like most busy adults, it’s tough to carve out time to really take care of the muscles that take care of you. By the time the weekend rolls around, you’re inner warrior is ready for a nap.

Muscle MX was made for you. It’s like carrying around your own personal masseuse. Our proprietary sports balms are all-natural, fast-acting and powerful. They go on smooth without the greasy feel and chemical smell that you’re accustomed to. And they absorb fast, unleashing the natural healing power of rich cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

Just like sports massage, Muscle MX is most effective when used as a pre-activity preventative measure (ACTIVATE formula) and as a post-activity treatment (RECOVERY formula). Here’s how it works:

 ACTIVATE:  Stimulates muscles with powerful, heated, pain relief. Use Activate on your muscles, joints and tendons before any activity for effective preventative care.
RECOVERY: Experience soothing relief for your achy muscles, joints and tendons with this powerful, fast-acting pain relief balm. Recovery can be used after any activity or to treat general pain and discomfort.

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