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Introducing the most powerful CBD balms on the market. Our new 1000mg Activate+ and Recovery+ Balms are sure to be your go to solution. Packed with extra CBD, along with the powerful healing properties of Arnica and Essential Oils make this a complete game changer.




If you're at work, the gym, school or just on the go, Muscle MX PROTECT CBD Bundle has you covered. Protect offers three unique products that work together to provide maximum relief all day long.

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Experience the Powerful Effects of Our Best Selling CBD Balms Together in One Bundle.

Muscle MX?


Our job at Muscle MX is to build the trust of our customers.  We do that by developing and manufacturing CBD products that are of the highest standard that provide true value.  At Muscle MX, we believe that all our products and customer service needs to be the highest of quality with no shortcuts and sacrifices for our customers.


You have several choices when it comes to buying CBD products. MMX ensures our customers have the same experience and effectiveness with every purchase. Giving peace of mind that if you exchange your hard earned money for any of our products, you will receive the highest level of relief from beginning to the end.                      


We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality products and service to our customers.  From the CBD, other sourced  ingredients, packaging, labeling and testing. We want to provide the highest quality experience when it comes to purchasing, customer service and delivery of Muscle MX products in our customer’s hands.


We stand behind our products and services 100%!  Our friendly Customer Care Representatives are happy to answer customer questions, provide helpful product consultation and knowledgeable advice. If for any reason a customer is not satisfied with our products, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. 


Best CBD Muscle Relief out there!!! With an old ACL repair that has deteriorated and ultimately getting a knee replacement 6 weeks ago, I have been using muscle creams for years. I always hated having to wash my hands every time I applied it and smelling like a senior citizen! Muscle MX Balm is a game changer! Not only does the Recovery give me instant long-lasting relief, but I don't smell! My kids no longer tease me with a cane or walker! And I can carry the balm with me and apply it while sitting at a red light or before I go into a store. Immediate relief that allows me to work at my physical therapy harder so I can get back to living!

- Rebecca K.

Leg Day Hero! I typically go pretty heavy on leg days. After my training sessions though, my DOMS (delayed on-set muscle soreness) is so bad, it’s hard for me to get through my day. After using the Muscle Mx balms, I have ZERO pain after my workouts. I repeat, ZERO! I’m astonished. Thanks to ACTIVATE/RECOVERY for removing my inflammation.

- Tim R.

Great Product. Feels and smells wonderful I apply this post hand washing to rejuvenate my cracking knuckles and lather down over the wrists for full benefits. It feels good and smells wonderful...

- Tony A.

CBD drops I have tried CBD cream and CBD drops before so I was hesitant to order these however, they work very well. I have chronic muscle pain and they take the edge off within 15 to 20 minutes of using them and last for several hours…I highly recommend them.

- Karen M.

Love this balm! I and my daughter both have degenerative arthritis. This balm helps us both tremendously! Can't tell you how lucky we feel to have found this product. Will definitely buy it again.

- Malinda I.

It really works I could tell a difference in pain and focus level immediately. Over the course of several days’ worth of use, the effects magnify. If you have chronic underlying aches, pains, and annoyances, this is a powerful tool in controlling and managing them that limits the ibuprofen and acetaminophen overload that I used previously.

- Joseph H.

Great product! I love this balm! I am prone to muscle spasms and this really relieves the pain and discomfort. I also work long shifts and have intense workouts and this stuff is like magic. I really like to apply before a workout and once you start to sweat it reactivates and is nicely cooling. Would definitely recommend.

- Savanna B.

Great Product I spend over 12 hours a day standing and walking on a hard cement workroom floor. My knees and ankles feel it. My friend gave me the Activate CBD Balm stick to see if it would help, and I am impressed! I apply it before I get to work and It helps my joints so much! It's easy to apply and the warming helps the aching before it starts. It's amazing.

- Melynie B.

The only product to buy!!!!! I have used/tried them all and this is the only brand of CBD topical I will use. The quality and the effectiveness are second to none.

- J. Conely

Quick Acting Lets me get back to work in no time. I have always struggled with leg cramps that can be strong enough to bring me to my knees. Thanks to Muscle MX Recovery Balm, I truly have been able to soothe the cramps with in minutes. It also has a relaxing smell. Muscle MX Recovery Balmhas not only helped me with the cramps, but my husband’s lower back strains, son’s shoulder and wrist injuries from hockey, and my other son with soothing knee pain and legs cramps from soccer. I truly am very thankful it was recommended to my family and I. It has been an amazing help.

- Michael D.

Recovery CBD Cooling Balm is amazing!! I have severe, chronic back and hip pain, and most times, can't fall asleep, even after taking anti-inflammatory drugs. I get minimal relief when I use other products. Using this product has been a game changer. Now, I use it at night before I go to bed, and have no problem sleeping due to my back pain.

- Amy F.

Love this stuff! A friend of mine introduced me to this product, thank goodness! I’ve used it for various muscle aches and have gotten relief. Great package, nice scent and really works well. I’m such a fan I ordered some for my son who just took up running and has been suffering from some muscle strain - fingers crossed it works for him!

- Jennifer W.

I will never be without this! This feels as good as my ice pack that I use daily. After five back surgeries I am always looking for anything that will give me any relief, and this Recovery balm is awesome and lucky for me, my husband loves the smell yea!!!

- Paula N.

Great product Rubbed Mx on my back as I badly strained it and was stuck at parents’ house while visiting and couldn’t drive. my usual would be to see my Acupuncturist or cranio-therapist but couldn’t. Basically, it saved my life that week. I was able to sit much quicker than usual. Used it on my elderly mothers back, she has osteo and in 10 minutes she felt complete relief. Ps I’m an LMT amazing what CBD can do.

- Rose D.

The first time I used this product my pain level was at six. I was utilizing a pain scale of 1-10; 10 being high. After using this Balm my pain intensity dropped to a manageable 2. The most significant aspect about this product is the amount of inflammation that is reduced within a 48 hr. period. I have been applying this product copiously to the areas of concern; and, I am ambulatory and 70% more flexible as a direct result.

- Kurt H.

No longer taking muscle relaxers or ibuprofen daily for my lower back and neck pain due to a car accident last year. I tried lidocane patches many times without any relief. Now I apply Muscle MX (Active) evenings before bed and always wake up pain free. I’m planning to purchase the Recovery balm as well in the future.

- Shamica B.

I have always struggled with leg cramps that can be strong enough to bring me to my knees. Thanks to Muscle MX Recovery Balm, I truly have been able to soothe the cramps with in minutes. It also has a relaxing smell. Muscle MX Recovery Balm has not only helped me with the cramps, but my husband’s lower back strains, son’s shoulder and wrist injuries from hockey, and my other son with soothing knee pain and legs cramps from soccer. I truly am very thankful it was recommended to my family and I. It has been an amazing help.

- Bridget S.

This was a last resort! Product recommended by a friend with stage 4 cancer. She told me this product really helped alleviate pain for her. I’ve been getting neuromuscular massages for hip and back pain regularly with no relief. After using this for 3 days I could feel a difference. Mostly pain free. I’ve already recommended it to an 89 year old relative who suffers from back pain. Thank you MX,

- Karen L.

I use the Activate before TaeKwonDo classes and the Recovery after. It is amazing how much muscle pain relief this offers. As a 45 year old colon cancer survivor I appreciate a good natural product that offers this level of relief. I would and have recommended this product to family and friends and they too are enjoying the pain relief qualities. Thank you for this stuff! It’s awesome!!!

- Samantha G.

It’s very difficult to find a topical product that can penetrate deep enough to help with my arthritis, but Muscle MX works! I use it for my knees and my back every day and definitely notice if I miss even one day. I am a huge fan and recommend it to anyone that deals with any type of pain, especially chronic pain.

- Maya

The Man Bought some today.....used it twice already. This stuff works awesome. I have terrible pain in my knees and this makes life a lot easier....Thank You....Thank You!

- Jason

Restore CBD lotion 350mg This is the best product we have found. Goes directly to where relief is needed. Works very quickly. 1-10. I give it 11!

- Dave T.

Topical CBD Products to Enhance Your Active Lifestyle — Naturally!

Try as we might to escape their grip, daily stress and the passage of time can really take their toll. Between genetics, diet, the demands of a high-pressure job, the responsibilities of raising a family, and the natural aging process, even the most active, health-conscious individuals need a boost to keep blasting through obstacles and reaching for their goals. 

If joint pain, muscle pain, or inflammation are conspiring to slow you down or impede the pursuit of your favorite activities, don’t head to the pharmacy or supplement shop for drink mixes filled with artificial ingredients, NSAIDs, or prescription medicine! 

Muscle MX is proud to offer an all-natural line of premium-quality CBD products, scientifically formulated to enhance your active lifestyle. We’ve also developed a CBD-free line of topicals for natural pain relief, to help ease aching joints and muscles and reduce inflammation — the natural way.

Browse through our website to check out our full range of products, including CBD balm, CBD lotion, CBD oil drops, and more. With Muscle MX, you won’t miss a step on your journey to a fit, healthy, long life full of adventure! 


Short for cannabidiol, CBD is one of the active ingredients naturally found in the cannabis plant — the other being THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. 

Both bind with the chemical receptors in the brain, but unlike THC, which produces the “high” feeling commonly associated with marijuana, CBD does not have a psychoactive effect. 

It is, however, linked to many potential health benefits, such as helping to reduce anxiety and improve sleep, an essential building block of an active lifestyle. Our topical CBD products can be safely used on muscles and joints to complement any well-rounded health and fitness routine. Shop here today and experience the Muscle MX difference for yourself!


Proper recovery is the foundation of any fitness regimen. The faster your muscles repair the tiny micro-tears they suffer during intense training and your body flushes out lactic acid, the less fatigue and soreness will hold you back in the gym, on the trail, on the court, or wherever you need to perform your best. A body uncompromised by muscle pain and lethargy will move better and steer clear of injury. 

Studies have shown that using CBD for muscles may help your body bounce back from the beating it takes in the gym, as well as improve your mobility. Our all-natural CBD products are specifically designed to rub on sore, tired muscles to aid in recovery so that you can stay in the game and continue to raise the bar on your athletic performance. 


We all want to live pain-free and move full-speed, even as we advance in age. Unfortunately, for so many seniors, mounting aches and pains get in the way of enjoying life to the fullest. Instead of heading for the medicine cabinet, many seniors are turning to CBD products as a natural mobility aid and loving the results! 

If you’re tired of filling prescriptions and popping pills, or constantly turning to over-the-counter NSAIDs to soothe aching joints, Muscle MX is an oasis in an over-medicated world. Try out our exclusive formula of CBD for joints, available in easy-to-apply topicals and flavored CBD oil tinctures, and get that spring back into your step today!


Active people of all ages, living all over the world, fight the same battle every day. Muscle pain, joint pain, and excess inflammation are powerful enemies! They stress the body, limit mobility, negatively affect gut health and overall mood, hinder one’s ability to get restful sleep and to lose weight, and even increase the risk of developing more serious health problems.

We want to help those people ditch the dependency on medication and find relief the natural way! That’s precisely why we developed our CBD-free line of products. 

Whether you’re an arthritis sufferer, you’re living with an inflammatory or musculoskeletal condition, or just experiencing the normal aches and pains associated with aging, Muscle MX has the ideal natural remedy for joint pain and inflammation.  

Our topicals and tinctures were made with you in mind. Find all-natural pain relief today, right here in our extensive online inventory.


We’re learning more and more every day about how CBD can help enhance an active lifestyle and decrease dependence on prescription medication, and here at Muscle MX, we’re excited to be on the cutting edge of the revolution. Our all-natural CBD solutions have helped active people everywhere fight off the effects of stress and time and keep moving forward, and we strive to continue perfecting our products to serve you better.

Browse through our website now to view our entire selection of topical CBD products in a variety of doses and flavors. If you have any questions about our products or need assistance with your order, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for help!

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