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CBD for Focus and Concentration
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CBD for Focus and Concentration

Brain fog is typically used to describe poor cognitive function, which refers to a series of functions and skills executed by the brain. Two key functions of cognition are focus and concentration, which relate to the way we can zero in on specific tasks and information to execute actions and retain information more efficiently. If our focus and concentration are compromised, functioning in daily life can be a challenge. If you have ever walked into a room and forgotten why you went in there, you know what we are talking about. Maintaining our cognitive function is crucial if we wish to lead a productive life. This is where CBD could play a vital role.

The Science of Focus and Concentration

Focus and concentration are skills that are executed within the brain. They are considered cognitive functions, and other functions of cognition include memory, motivation, mental stamina and problem-solving. Typically, if one cognitive function is negatively affected, all of them will be compromised. Cognition largely depends on healthy neural pathways which communicate with each other freely to balance our thoughts, needs and actions. If our neural pathways are compromised in some way, our focus and concentration can suffer. Cognition occurs in the frontal lobe of the brain. Many refer to the frontal lobe as the brain’s control panel, as it carries out the most advanced and complex brain functions. Other tasks carried out by the frontal lobe include emotional processing and experiencing and communicating thoughts into words.

Reasons for Compromised Focus and Concentration

The majority of us are born with healthy and efficient cognition, and then circumstances occur that cause it to become weakened. Let us examine the most common causes for compromised focus and concentration.

Poor Nutrition

The role nutrition plays in brain health is underestimated. If you have ever skipped a meal, you understand the connection between food and our ability to focus and concentrate. Our brain requires the right nutrients in order to function at its highest level. Certain nutritional deficiencies have been linked to poor cognition, including vitamins B and D, iron, magnesium and potassium.

Lack of Sleep

Sleep plays a crucial role in brain health and failing to get enough sleep may result in difficulty focusing and concentrating the next day. Anybody who has pulled an all-nighter will tell you that the next day, their brain power was compromised.

Mood Disorders

Mood disorders such as anxiety and depression can weaken cognition, likely due to the proximity of the emotional control centers and the cognitive control centers in the brain. Mood disorders may compromise our ability to focus and concentrate by also draining energy from the brain that could go toward maintaining cognitive functions.

Physical Ailments

Dehydration is a common yet often overlooked culprit behind poor focus and concentration. Our brains require frequent water intake to operate properly. Burnout is a phrase used to refer to exhaustion caused by overexertion. Both physical and mental burnout can deplete the brain of its power, and lead to difficulties concentrating and focusing.

Chronic Conditions

We now recognize that autoimmune disorders can cause brain fog, which is simply a term used to describe poor overall cognition. Neurological conditions like epilepsy, dementia, and autism can all interfere with cognition.

Genetics and Age

There may be genetic factors that contribute to poor focus and concentration. As we age, cognition slows down as the neural pathways begin to weaken.

Treating Poor Focus and Concentration

Treating poor focus and concentration can be quite difficult. There are prescription medications that boost cognition, but these are usually only prescribed to patients with severe cognitive disorders like ADD. Typically, treating this issue relies on instilling healthier habits, as often, the cause is linked to behavior and lifestyle.

Using CBD for Improved Focus and Concentration

What is unique about CBD is that it is sent to cannabinoid receptors as needed throughout the body. Each cannabinoid receptor plays a role in balancing the function of a particular bodily process. It’s been found that cannabinoid receptors in the brain regulate cognitive function in a holistic manner, in order to improve focus and concentration as well as memory, decision-making and more cognitive skills. Therefore, taking CBD regularly may be able to improve focus and concentration by helping the brain function more efficiently overall. Various studies have been done to show that regular CBD administration to patients struggling with cognitive issues showed promising results.

How to Use CBD Properly

If you wish to use CBD specifically for focus and concentration, follow the tips above to ensure as much success as possible.

Step #1: Speak to Your Doctor

It is always important to speak to your doctor before starting a new regimen for your health. Make sure he or she knows your medical history, your current symptoms and any medications that you may be taking. Only a doctor can give medical advice, so make sure that you listen to him or her and follow their recommendations as closely as possible.

Step #2: Choose a Quality Product

When it comes to the CBD market at large, there are a lot of low-quality products out there. It is important that you only buy your CBD from a trustworthy company that offers third-party lab reports which verify that their hemp is tested by an authorized facility.

Step #3: Select an Appropriate Potency Level

When shopping for CBD, you will find that products come in a range of milligram strengths. This number refers to the potency level per dose, as it reflects how many milligrams of actual hemp are in the formula. Choose a milligram strength based on the severity of your unique circumstances.

Step #4: Be Consistent with Your Dosing

It is wise to take CBD daily, because cannabinoids accumulate in the body in order to potentially become more effective over time. Try taking the same amount every day to maximize the potential that cannabidiol has.

Final Thoughts

It is not uncommon for people to struggle with focus and concentration due to various circumstances. The good news is that in most cases, this is easily remedied with some adjustments to one’s routine. If you would like to potentially give CBD a try for focus and concentration purposes, check out Muscle MX’s line of exceptional quality CBD-infused products.

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