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Can CBD Help with Neuropathy?
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Can CBD Help with Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is a relatively common condition that involves damage to one or more of the nerves, resulting in a number of complications that can get in the way of living a full, meaningful and comfortable life. Most commonly found in the hands and feet, it’s often associated with diabetes, although the reality is that neuropathy can stem from all kinds of causes.

Known for being difficult to cure, many people are beginning to turn to more natural solutions to manage symptoms and delay progression. And, one of the most researched options found in the natural world is cannabidiol (CBD), which continues to be shown in clinical studies to offer a lot of valuable effects to those dealing with the condition. Let’s take a closer look at the link between this hemp-derived chemical compound and the symptoms of neuropathy.

What Exactly is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy occurs when at least one of the nerves in the body is damaged. This can result in symptoms like tingling, numbness, pain and weakness, all of which can really interfere with our ability to function each day. This results from neuron damage that interferes with the nerves’ ability to communicate with the brain.

Like we said, neuropathy occurs most frequently in the hands and feet, due to circulatory issues, as the nerves need blood flow in order to operate properly. Neuropathy is commonly associated with diabetes, which causes poor circulation to the extremities that can lead to complete numbness of the hands as well as the feet.

Neuropathy, however, can develop for other reasons as well. Cancer is a common cause for neuropathy, as cancerous tumors can cause damage to adjacent nerves in the body. Neuropathy can also result from injury, autoimmune disorders and infections. Even dietary deficiencies and alcoholism can lead to neuropathy.

There is no known cure for neuropathy, so the treatment usually involves managing pain and slowing the progression of the condition so that the person can retain use of the affected area(s). Neuropathy may resolve on its own depending on its cause – for instance, if neuropathy is caused by an infection, in some cases the condition improves when the infection is no longer present.

What is the Connection Between the Endocannabinoid System and Neuropathy?

The body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) is what keeps us in homeostasis, through a network of cannabinoid receptors that each have the job of regulating a nearby process of the body, and through endocannabinoids, produced by the body to attach to these receptors to enable the chemical reaction that leads to regulation. The endocannabinoid system’s CB1 receptors are located in the body’s nervous system, as are much of its CB2 receptors, which explains why cannabinoids like CBD can have such powerful (and positive) effects on nervous system functions.

The endocannabinoid system’s job is to make sure that all systems of the body are operating at their highest level of efficiency. With so many cannabinoid receptors concentrated in the nervous system, it’s not surprising that cannabinoids play the role of maintaining the health of the nerves.

CBD for Neuropathy: What Does the Research Say?

CBD is the main component of the hemp plant, being the most dominant cannabinoid, not to mention chemical compound, in the plant’s makeup. It’s nontoxic to the human body, and nonintoxicating, so even high doses will not get the user high. And, ever since its discovery in 1964, it’s been studied intensively by clinical researchers and cannabis researchers for its many potential positive effects.

CBD works with CB2 and CB1 receptors, and also has a strong influence on nervous system regulation as a result. We already know many of the ways in which CBD works with the nervous system, in terms of things like mood, cognitive functions and more. Another area that has been researched quite a bit is cannabidiol’s effect on neuropathic symptoms.

Studies have consistently shown that CBD may suppress neuropathic symptoms and slow down the progression of neuropathy, by strengthening the neurons that become damaged in patients with neuropathy. One study found that the cannabinoid’s influence on 5-HT receptors that mediate serotonin production plays a big role in this process. Essentially, researchers have found that those with neuropathy have decreased 5-HT activity, and those administered CBD were able to experience higher serotonin uptake through an increase in 5-HT activity, to minimize neuropathy.

More research has shown that CBD administered topically to the affected area can offer quick and cumulative relief from symptoms like weakness, tingling and pain. The cannabinoid effectively absorbs into the local tissue to offer a more concentrated effect on the area that has experienced nerve damage.

CBD: The Next Big Thing in Neuropathy Treatment?

It’s clear that research supports the role that cannabidiol can play in regulating neuropathy symptoms, and at Muscle MX, we offer a great selection of fully lab-tested, highly effective CBD-infused formulas that all have what it takes to give you potential relief. Explore our catalog of CBD gummies, tinctures and topicals that all provide the body with the perfect daily dose of potent cannabidiol extract, capable of giving you results naturally and holistically.

Muscle MX Does CBD Right!

Of course, not all CBD is made equally, and you’ll need to make sure you’re buying a product that’s created using the highest standards possible. At Muscle MX, our CBD is made with lab-tested, organic hemp extracts, clean ingredients and high strengths that work hard to give you real, tangible relief.

At Muscle MX, we’re proud to offer a variety of top-notch formulas that are made with our signature CBD-rich hemp extract, in effective milligram strengths. Our products have undergone strict lab-testing, and contain clean, vegan ingredients. Our CBD Bliss Gummies are very popular for those with neuropathy, as they provide a generous 50mg per serving of the cannabinoid, and even offer effects for up to 8 hours thanks to the absorption rate of edibles. For on-the-spot topical relief, our Extra Strength CBD Balms come in both heating and cooling formulas, both of which can be extremely soothing to the aches and pains that neuropathy patients experience on a daily basis. These products can be taken together on a daily basis to help you manage your symptoms naturally.

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