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How CBD Topicals can ease Muscle & Joint Pain
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How CBD Topicals can Ease Muscle & Joint Pain

CBD oil is gaining popularity for its pain-relieving benefits. Sure, there are all kinds of medications that we can use for pain, but few if any of them are advised for daily use over a long period of time. CBD oil is a healthy alternative, especially when used topically. Muscle MX’s line of CBD topicals include two CBD balms, Activate and Recovery, and one CBD lotion, Restore. With many options to choose from, CBD topicals for muscle and joint pain are becoming more popular.
The many benefits of CBD topicals
Cannabidiol (CBD) the most prominent compound of the hemp plant. It is a cannabinoid, which is a category of plant compounds unique to the cannabis genus. CBD oil is non-toxic, non-psychoactive, legal and easy to purchase online or in a store that carries hemp products.
CBD binds to cannabinoid receptors located in all bodily systems to stimulate a fascinating process that regulates functions pertaining to how we feel. Cannabinoids like cannabidiol have been found in studies to offer anti-inflammatory activity by regulating the body’s natural inflammatory response.
As cannabinoid receptors are present throughout the deep tissue of the muscles and joints, we can safely conclude that CBD oil can reduce aches and pains caused by inflammation. In fact, researchers believe CBD oil has unique effects on pain relief, which are natural, holistic and gentle compared to other forms of relief.
CBD topicals are becoming particularly popular among those struggling with soreness and inflammation, as they are applied directly to the affected area. A good CBD topical absorbs quickly through the skin to enter the affected tissue fast, providing the area with what it needs to reduce inflammation in a timely manner for maximum relief.
Topicals also have the advantage of offering a more targeted way to approach pain. When we consume CBD oil orally, its effects are spread out throughout the body. But, when we apply it to the skin, the effects can stay localized to the affected tissue for more concentrated CBD topical pain relief.
Topicals also work quickly – usually within minutes – and last for up to 6 hours. They can be applied throughout the day as needed and come in a wide range of formulas and milligram strengths that allow us to really zero in on our most precise needs.

Why we recommend lotions and balms
CBD balms are a great choice for a topical, as they absorb into the skin quickly, practically melting on contact due to their high concentrations of plant butters and oils. They are great for small, inflamed areas of the body that require a concentrated dose of CBD. They usually contain all-natural ingredients and may or may not be scented.
CBD balms also tend to be more portable. They do not require a pump applicator, and so you do not have to worry about them leaking all over your purse or gym bag. They can come in a jar, or even more conveniently, as a roll-on stick that is perfect for applying on the go.

CBD lotion is a basic lotion formula that is enhanced with natural ingredients that hydrate and moisturize the skin, while allowing the hemp extract to absorb quickly into the joints and muscles. Lotions have a great “spreadability” factor that makes them easy to apply to large areas that are affected by inflammation. Scented or unscented, and available in various milligram strengths, they are a good choice for those who want widespread topical relief.
CBD lotions, like balms, are usually made from all-natural ingredients, and they are meant to be gentle so that those with sensitive skin won’t have to worry about irritation.

When should you use CBD topicals?
Anyone struggling with localized pain due to sore muscles and joints, then a CBD topical for pain relief is the way to go. Keep in mind that CBD lotions and balms can be used alongside other types of hemp products like tinctures, edibles, and the like. In fact, if you’re already taking CBD in some internal form, adding a topical to your routine can maximize the relief that you’re seeking out by tackling pain in two ways simultaneously.

The first thing that you need to do is choose the right formula by doing the following:
1. Look for a reputable company that is transparent about how they create their products and what ingredients they use.
2. Also, make sure that they engage in third-party testing with all of their products to guarantee quality, safety and purity.

You will also need to carefully select your milligram strength and hemp extract of choice:
1. The milligram strength tells you how potent each application will be, and should reflect the level of pain that you’re in.
2. The hemp extract is based on your personal preferences, but we recommend broad spectrum hemp topicals, which contain every naturally occurring hemp compound except for THC.
3. The combination of cannabinoids and terpenes in broad spectrum hemp extract can maximize the results by offering a variety of plant compounds that each bring something useful to the table, with many cannabinoids and terpenes offering some type of property pertaining to pain.

We do recommend applying a CBD topical at least once a day, as the more consistent you are with your routine, the more effective the results can be.

Find the best CBD topical for you
If you’re looking for topical relief, look no further than these products from Muscle MX.
-Muscle MX Heating and Cooling Balm Bundle 350mg CBD: Provides you with two travel-friendly roll-on balm sticks with two individual formulas. The heating formula uses camphor and caffeine, combined with broad spectrum hemp, to provide a heating sensation that can increase blood flow to inflamed areas. The cooling formula uses menthol, a natural cooling agent, to naturally aid in pain relief while potentially reducing inflammation.
-Muscle MX Restore Antimicrobial Lotion: Comes in a travel-friendly squeeze tube, and provides 500 milligrams of broad spectrum hemp extract per tube to sore and aching muscles and joints while offering moisture to the skin, combined with antimicrobial benefits that come from nano-silver technology. Complete with restorative hyaluronic acid for maximum skin hydration, it’s a CBD topical lotion that can do it all.

Applying CBD directly to painful areas with a topical formula can help you zero in on localized inflammation with the power of mother nature. These products can be used daily in the long-term, while also being gentle on the skin and effective in their properties. So, choose a topical formula today, because you deserve fast, natural, and fully capable relief!

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