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How CBD Can Elevate Your Next Fall Hike
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How CBD Can Elevate Your Next Fall Hike

Few experiences in life are more rewarding than going on a hike with autumn in full swing and leaves changing around you. However, exploring the outdoors in the fall is as challenging as it is pleasant. Shorter days, colder nights, and changing weather can make a fall hike demanding.

That's where cannabidiol (CBD) comes in. CBD deals with the pain, stress, and anxiety usually associated with a lengthy hike. It isn't surprising that CBD-infused products are quickly becoming as crucial to trekkers as hiking boots and regular exercise.

Read on to find out what CBD hiking is and how CBD products can elevate your next fall hike.

Why You Should Include CBD When Traveling

Traveling can be one of the most stressful moments of your vacation. Combating long airport lines, sitting for hours in a city loop due to holiday traffic, and hauling around heavy backpacks can take a toll on your body and mind. Give yourself a break by taking CBD products for stress and pain relief.

Derived from cannabis plants, CBD works through the endocannabinoid system (ECS), an intricate network of receptors, metabolic enzymes, and signaling molecules. There are two main types of endocannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2. The activation of CB1 helps manage stress, while CB2 is responsible for reducing swelling and boosting the immune system.

The ECS receptors are present throughout vital areas in the human body. You can travel with CBD products to enhance normal body function and improve your holiday experience.

Why the Hiking Community Is Turning To CBD

CBD is known to relieve stress, anxiety, pain, and inflammation. It can also increase energy and oxygen supply. CBD products can make the experience more enjoyable by preparing hikers for the challenges. Here are some fall hiking tips.

1. Supports Respiratory System During Physical Activity

Aerobic endurance and lung capacity are crucial to conquering long trails or high climbs. While the evidence about the effectiveness of CBD on the respiratory system is limited, recent studies suggest it can improve oxygen supply.

Research shows CBD's potential to return the blood oxygen saturation rate toward the average level. A paper in the Sports Medicine-Open indicated that CBD increases the VO2 and VO2 max levels by increasing tissue blood flow. VO2 max is the maximum amount of oxygen you can utilize during physical activity. It tests cardiovascular fitness in bodies before and at the end of a training cycle. The study also found that CBD improved pleasure ratings during submaximal exercise.

CBD's anti-inflammatory properties can also protect you from unforeseen issues such as pollen grains.

2. Provides Crucial Energy and Focus During Strenuous Exercises

The stress and altitude effect of a hike can cause muscle tension, nausea, and excessive sweating. It can also affect your coordination on the trail. Using CBD beforehand can help induce a calm state in your body. It helps synthesize endocannabinoids to reduce stress. CBD can also improve mobility by reducing inflammation.

CBD activates your body's chemical receptors sensitive to "happy hormones" like serotonin and dopamine. By activating receptors sensitive to those chemical compounds, CBD enhances anandamide — the body's internal cannabis molecules. As a result, you can experience an elevated mood and increased energy.

By reducing anxious thoughts and any chronic pain, CBD can boost your energy. You can combine it with meditation to help your brain achieve a healthier serotonin balance, raising calmness. Our Muscle MX's CBD Relax Drops can help sharpen your focus during an outdoor activity.

3. Reduces Anxiety on the More Intimidating Hiking Trails

Hiking can be an all-consuming experience. You might experience mental breakdowns on a trail. Even seasoned hikers start thinking about the end of the journey. Several triggers like a fear of heights, the unknown, or wild animals can cause an anxiety attack. When you hit that mental wall, CBD could help you push through.

Clinical studies illustrate how CBD is antidepressant-like and anxiolytic-like and can affect body chemistry. A paper in The Permanente Journal suggests that CBD can reduce anxiety. It can raise serotonin levels and return your mind and body to a relaxed state.

CBD activates the parasympathetic system to release anandamide, lowering stress and blood pressure levels.

4. Combats Aches, Pains, or Even Altitude Sickness After a Hike

Pain can disrupt the best-laid hiking plans. Ensuring that your joints and muscles are in good shape is vital. Even then, accidents can happen in the form of sprained ankles and insect bites with no medical facilities near you.

CBD's anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective pharmacological properties can come to your rescue. Apply a CBD-infused muscle balm or body lotion to relieve muscle soreness and aches.

After the hike, CBD can help in recovery and limit any inflammation. A challenging hike can do microscopic damage to your muscle tissues. CBD can assist the healing process while limiting the usage of prescription drugs.

5. Ensures a Great Night's Sleep Before or After a Long Day of Trekking

Sleep is the natural remedy for mental and physical rejuvenation on the trail. Sleeping soundly before a hike can reduce anxiety and prepare your body. After an extended camping trip, it can help your muscles recover.

Instead of over-the-counter sleeping pills that can cause adverse side effects, bring CBD products to your hiking trips. Safe CBD products such as Muscle MX's CBD oils can have therapeutic effects on sleep-related medical conditions. As mentioned above, it lessens anxiety and pain, which can hamper sleep.

CBD also facilitates blissful sleep by decreasing chronic pain symptoms. When combined with a stimulating beverage such as tea, CBD can raise relaxation qualities without affecting the balance of bodily functions.

How and When To Take CBD-Infused Products For a Fall Hike

Knowing the different CBD delivery methods to maximize their benefits is essential. Start low and go slow to determine the correct dosage for you.

There are oral and topical options. A few drops of CBD oil under your tongue before fall hiking can get you quick results. CBD gummies can take some time to kick in, but their benefits can be long-lasting if timed correctly. Tinctures, meanwhile, begin to work within half an hour and last a couple of hours.

Apply CBD ointments, lotions, and creams directly onto inflamed joints or muscles to relax your body. These topical options target the localized areas and act quickly and last long.

Utilize the information above so that it peaks in your body at the right time. Drinking plenty of water will help the proper movement of substances in your body.

Experience the Fall Foliage Without the Strain on Your Next Hike

Are you getting ready for your next fall hike? Enrich the experience by adding CBD-infused products to your healthy lifestyle. Whether you need pain relief or good sleep, CBD for hiking has you covered.

CBD oil, gummies, and balms can reduce anxiety and provide vital energy. However, buying your cannabis plant products from a trusted manufacturer is essential. At Muscle MX, we test our safe and effective products for quality and efficiency. Check out our range of high-quality CBD products.

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