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Activate your muscles with a Warming CBD Topical Balm
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Warming Topical CBD Balm: ACTIVATE Your Body

Fitness enthusiasts know the ordeal that muscles and joints can go through to complete a workout, and how important a warmup is so the muscles can avoid injury. Even with the right stretches and warm-up exercises, our bodies are not ready to be pushed to the max. At Muscle MX, we developed a formula recommended by physical therapists and doctors to activate those muscles and joints, ACTIVATE Warming Topical CBD Balm. Apply ACTIVATE CBD Heating Balm liberally muscle, joints, ligaments and tendons that tend to be impacted, before you hit the gym, allowing the natural ingredients to work their way beneath the skin. Enhanced with CBD and plant-derived heating compounds, it gives you the jumpstart you need to complete an intensive exercise regimen.

Muscle MX ACTIVATE is the Best Kickstart to a Busy Day!

ACTIVATE warming CBD topical Balm combines the unique properties of hemp with a variety of natural compounds that increase circulation. This warming protects against injuries while feeling more capable of meeting your workout-related demands. This topical balm comes in stick form that can be taken with you to the gym, while offering a mess-free means for application that works within minutes and lasting for the duration of your exercise.

What is Muscle MX ACTIVATE Used For?

When at the gym, we are counting on our muscles and joints to handle the intensity of the workout that we have in store. But, if we are dealing with inflammation or fatigue, we might not be able to push ourselves as much as we would like to. If our muscles and joints are not prepared for the workout ahead, we risk injury as the demands that we put them through are too much for the tissue to withstand. This can lead to tearing, strains and sprains that require time off from the gym, which many of us simply cannot afford if we have specific goals in mind. Our heating balm is applied to the muscles and joints right before working out so that they can be in the best shape possible when it is time to work out.

How to Use the ACTIVATE Warming Topical CBD Balm

ACTIVATE was designed to be as user-friendly as possible. As it comes in a stick, all that you need to do is glide the formula along the muscles without making a mess in the process. The exact amount does not matter, so no need to worry about getting a dosage just right. Just apply as liberally as you see fit. It is best to apply this balm about 15 minutes before your workout, as that is about how long it takes for the compounds to peak in the tissue. The formula stays active for up to 6 hours, so you will not need to reapply during the middle of your routine.

THC-Free, Compound-Rich Hemp Extract

The hemp extract used in this formula is broad spectrum, which means that all THC has been removed, but it still retains the other desirable cannabinoid compound from the hemp plant.

Natural Heating Properties

Within the ACTIVATE formula is a blend of camphor, eucalyptus and caffeine. These ingredients can provide a heating sensation to the muscles on contact so that the blood flows to the muscles more effectively. Further, peppermint and arnica offer analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties to keep away soreness and inflammation.

350mg Per Stick

Every balm stick contains 350 milligrams of CBD, making this a particularly potent formula. The hemp is third party lab-tested for quality and is derived from organic hemp plant material.

Extremely Easy to Use

This topical was made to be extremely user-friendly, as you can simply glide the product along the body as needed without it leaving behind a sticky or greasy mess. Your hands will not be coated in balm after you are done, and the entire application process takes just seconds.

Plant-Derived Formula

The formula we have developed is completely free of additives and fillers and contains only naturally derived ingredients that are both safe and known to prevent irritation to the skin.

Moisturizing to the Skin

Our base formula consists of vitamin E, coconut oil, beeswax and grapeseed oil, which all provide intensive moisture to the skin so that you can alleviate irritation caused by dryness. These ingredients can repair the skin as well to leave it more smooth and supple.

Super Bioavailable

We have gone above and beyond to ensure maximum bioavailability with our formula by using only the most advanced extraction and purification methods that ensure complete effectiveness. We create our balms in small batches so that they are fresh, which adds to their potency.

An Overall Great Addition to Your Daily Routine

ACTIVATE Heating Balm is the perfect addition to your workout routine and can be used each day prior to working out. No wonder this topical is the ultimate treat for your muscles and joints prior to exercise, developed specifically for fitness enthusiasts and supported by physical therapists. This all-natural, user-friendly formula can get your body into the right shape to push yourself with a lower risk of injury and can help you with aches and pains that get in the way of a solid fitness regimen.

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