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What’s a CBD Certificate of Analysis?

What’s a CBD Certificate of Analysis and why should you care? Many people come to us asking how they can know for certain that CBD is high in quality, and we don’t blame them for being concerned. We know that the hemp industry is huge right now, and countless people are looking to make hemp part of their daily routine after hearing so many wonderful things about it from their friends and from the internet. However, the downside of the industry’s popularity is that a lot of companies want to take advantage of naïve, inexperienced customers by producing low-quality hemp products. The good news is that there is an easy way to know whether or not a particular CBD product is worth your money. It’s called a certificate of analysis, or COA, and it provides objective information regarding all the aspects of a particular hemp extract used by a company. This information exists to help companies know that their hemp is up to par, and it reassures customers that they’re going to get exactly what they want out of the product.

CBD Certificate of Analysis: What it Is

A CBD certificate of analysis is a lab report that comes from a third-party testing facility. When a CBD company makes a batch of hemp extract that they’re going to be using in their products, they first send it off to one of these labs to have it fully analyzed. By sending it off to a third party, the company is receiving unbiased, objective information. This report is then made available to consumers, so that they know that the hemp is high in quality and legitimate, rather than simply taking a company’s word for it. A COA offers crucial information regarding many aspects of the hemp extract used by the company. When you put all of this information together, you get a full picture of the quality that you can expect from the product in question.

Why a COA is So Important for Consumers

A COA is crucial because it’s the only real way for consumers to know that what they’re getting is the real deal and is capable of meeting their needs and expectations. CBD has been around for only a short while, and because of that, it’s still awaiting approval from the FDA. This means that as it stands, there aren’t many strict guidelines regarding how CBD products can be produced and sold. COA’s gives customers the information that they need in order to go forward with a purchase, as it takes the place of strict federal guidelines. It creates a set of standards within the industry and allows for transparency that makes customers feel more confident in the companies from which they make their hemp purchases. What to Look for in a Certificate of Analysis When you wish to make a purchase of a CBD product, you should always look for a certificate of analysis on the manufacturer’s website. Once you find it, you’ll see a list of information that can be confusing to someone who is inexperienced. Allow us to break down the important things to look for. First, you want to look at the chemical breakdown of the hemp extract. This breaks down each chemical compound that exists in the hemp extract and can be useful if you are looking for particular compounds, or you are trying to get an idea of how potent certain compounds are in the product. You’ll also want to look for the presence of impurities. You’ll see several sections that test for different impurities like heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides. The less impurities, the better.

The Make-or-Break Factor Initially for a CBD Product

A COA is a must-have if a company wants to be taken seriously within the hemp industry. For consumers especially, this single sheet of information is extremely valuable. The next time you go to make a CBD purchase, look for this certificate to ensure that you’re getting the best-quality hemp possible.

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