Free Shipping on orders over $75
Free Shipping on orders over $75

Our CBD Research Process

Choosing High Quality CBD Oil

Our mission is to only use the cleanest ingredients and produce simple products that you can trust. Choosing high-quality CBD oil means avoiding cheaper, less regulated sources of synthetic hemp, and only using CBD that undergoes product testing. Anyone buying out products has access to our lab reports and can verify that each product contains the exact amount of cannabinoids that they expect.

Where is Our CBD Produced?

We choose not to own our own farms but instead have strong relationships with several farms right here in the US. Since we use only domestically sourced hemp, we are able to carefully monitor exactly what goes into our products.

The Testing Process

Our product testing is done through a 3rd party company and is a gold an ISO certified lab. We test for potency, pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and microbials. For more information about our testing process, check out our lab reports.

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