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Muscle MX Side Effects of CBD

Side Effects of CBD: What We Know and What We're Still Learning

CBD has been increasingly popular due to its many health benefits for athletes, dogs, the elderly, and those with health problems to name a few. Since CBD is a supplement rather than a medication, there is less regulation. So how do you know if CBD is safe to use or if the side effects of CBD outweigh the benefits? With CBD being legal and sold all over the united states, there is a lot that we do know about the safety of cannabidiol. Here's what we know so far and what we're still learning about the negative effects of CBD.

Is CBD Safe?

In order to practice taking CBD safely, it is important to let your doctor know if you are regularly taking CBD with other medications. Cannabidiol can increase the level of blood thinning and other medications in your body by competing for the liver enzymes that break down these drugs. Some people who are taking high doses of CBD show abnormalities in liver-related blood tests. Many non-prescription drugs such as Tylenol have this same effect. Using CBD along with other drugs (including alcohol), can slow brain function and potentially lead to injuries. Damage to fertility in males as well as damage to fertility in male offspring where females have been exposed has been reported in studies of animals that were exposed to CBD.

Potential Noticeable Side Effects

CBD can possibly cause side effects such as changes in mood, changes in alertness, and gastrointestinal distress. Although CBD oil is often used to treat anxiety, in some cases it can cause anxiety as well as dizziness and dry mouth. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery when taking CBD, especially when you first start using it. Some CBD can contain very small amounts of THC, which have its own set of potential side effects.

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What We're Still Learning About CBD

CBD has been used for many years and there's a lot we know about the side effects. However, there are many long-term side effects that we just don't quite know yet when it comes to CBD. These include:

  • Does CBD impact fertility in male humans as it does in reported male animals?
  • Hoes does CBD affect a fetus?
  • How does CBD interact with other plants/herbs?
  • How does CBD affect a developing brain of a child?
  • How much CBD triggers the known risks that are associated with CBD intake?
  • What are the long-term effects of CBD?

How to Safely Buy CBD

If you do decide to purchase CBD, make sure it is from a reputable source and that you understand the potency. For more information on both of those topics, check out our CBD buyers guide. As mentioned earlier, make sure that you let your doctor know if you are regularly taking CBD with other medications.

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