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What Are Some of the Best Ways To Take CBD?
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What Are Some of the Best Ways To Take CBD?

Imagine the familiar throb in your muscles after an intense workout or those restless nights where every toss and turn seems endless, and peace feels just out of reach. In those moments, the promise of CBD's wellness-brimming potential beckons.

But with oils, gummies, tinctures, topicals, and more flooding the market, how do you determine which CBD avenue to stroll down?

CBD isn't just a monolith; it's a spectrum of opportunities, each form offering its unique blend of benefits. Whether you're seeking swift relief, a tasty wellness treat, or a lingering comfort, there's a CBD method tailor-made for your needs.

Journey with us as we demystify the multifaceted world of CBD. We'll walk you through the varied avenues, highlighting the pros and cons and ensuring your path to wellness is both informed and fulfilling.

What Is CBD?

If we roll back the pages of history, the hemp and cannabis plants have been around for millennia. These plants, rich in a myriad of bioactive compounds known as cannabinoids, have played varied roles across cultures, offering therapeutic benefits to generations.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the most active compound found within the buds and leaves of the hemp plant. This variety of cannabis contains naturally low levels of THC, the cannabinoid associated with the cannabis high. But, hemp-derived CBD plays a different role within the body.

Offering a range of potential health benefits, minus that high sensation, CBD is like the calming friend who helps you navigate the hustle and bustle of life, providing support without overwhelming you. Many are turning to CBD as a way to promote relaxation, help the body maintain healthy stress levels, and soothe tension and discomfort.

CBD and the ECS: How Does It Work?

Delve deeper into the science of cannabinoids, and we find the endocannabinoid system (ECS) — an intricate network in our bodies, working subtly behind the scenes. This complex system relies on chemical messengers to send signals throughout the body.

The ECS primarily consists of internally produced endocannabinoids, CB receptors scattered throughout our body, and enzymes. These elements work in tandem to help maintain balance or homeostasis.

Endocannabinoids are made on demand in response to a range of factors. Capable of binding to CB receptors throughout the nervous system, these cannabinoids can trigger biological functions that help support sleep, mood, appetite, and more before they are broken back down by enzymes.

Now, here's where CBD makes its grand entry. Unlike THC, which binds directly to receptors in the brain, CBD takes a more nuanced approach. CBD supports the endocannabinoid system without binding to it directly.

When we introduce CBD into the body, the phytocannabinoid can work with our own set of endocannabinoids, lending its soothing benefits to further encourage internal balance before being broken down by enzymes.

What Factors Can Influence CBD Delivery Methods?

CBD's rise to prominence in the wellness sphere has brought with it a plethora of options. Like choosing the perfect attire for an occasion, there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to CBD delivery methods.

Some might argue that the heart of this choice lies in the CBD concentration — how much of this golden component is in the product you're eyeing. It’s comparable to choosing the strength of your morning coffee. Do you want a light, mid-day pick-me-up or a strong, full-bodied brew to kick-start your day?

Then there's bioavailability, a term that might sound intimidating but is central to the CBD conversation. When you introduce CBD into your body, not all of it is readily accessible to provide its potential benefits. Bioavailability refers to the percentage of CBD that actually becomes available for your body to use.

Now, how your body metabolizes CBD plays a role here. Our metabolic systems, designed to break down substances and derive nutrients from them, influence how much of the introduced CBD is effectively utilized.

The delivery method you choose, be it an edible, a tincture, or a topical application, can alter this bioavailability. This means that the same amount of CBD might provide different levels of availability based on how you take it, making this concept central to your CBD journey.

And, of course, let's not forget the human element. Each of us is beautifully unique. Your daily routine, your lifestyle, and even the flavor profiles you prefer influence your CBD choices. It's this blend of science and personal touch that makes the CBD journey so intimate and rewarding.

What Are the Best Ways To Take CBD?

While the form of CBD you choose is ultimately about your personal preferences and specific needs, understanding the benefits and drawbacks can help you make the most informed choice. So, let’s dive in.

Taking CBD Sublingually

One of the most celebrated avenues of experiencing CBD is the sublingual method. From CBD oils, tinctures, and sprays, the sublingual method involves using a dropper to introduce a specific amount of CBD right under your tongue.

The mucous membranes there allow the CBD to seep directly into the bloodstream. The allure of this method lies in its fast absorption rate. When absorbed under the tongue, the CBD bypasses the digestive system, moving swiftly through the bloodstream to connect with endocannabinoids peppered throughout the body.

CBD oils are also formulated to improve bioavailability by pairing the CBD extract with a carrier oil like coconut oil or hemp seed oil. Because CBD is naturally fat-soluble rather than water-soluble, the carrier oil allows the cannabinoids to be better absorbed into the body for enhanced benefits.

While many CBD users champion the sublingual delivery method for its fast-acting benefits, full-body effects, and control over the precise amount of CBD you’re using, this method also has its drawbacks. The soothing effects might not last as long as other forms of consumable CBD, and those with sensitive stomachs may have trouble with the carrier oil.

Some users are unimpressed with CBD’s naturally earthy and bitter taste, which shines through in many CBD tinctures and oils. That’s why at Muscle MX, we offer CBD Drops infused with other botanicals and natural flavors like berry and caramel to elevate the experience.

Consumable CBD Gummies

Think back to those childhood days when a treat was always something to look forward to — a little gummy bear, perhaps? Now, imagine infusing those sweet memories with the adult understanding of wellness. That's the charm of CBD gummies.

Loved for their taste and ease of use, CBD gummies are discreet and easy to pop into your mouth, delivering a consistent amount of CBD in a tasty treat. The busy bees among us can appreciate their on-the-go nature, making it easy to maintain a wellness routine even amidst the chaos.

Once you've enjoyed a gummy, it embarks on a path through the digestive tract. This meandering route means it might take a bit longer for the effects of CBD to make their presence felt — perhaps 45 minutes or an hour compared to the 15 minutes or so for sublingual delivery to take effect.

But, once CBD edibles do enter the bloodstream, it's like a long, soothing hug. Their effects last longer, giving you sustained, full-body support throughout the day.

Unlike other forms of consumable CBD products, such as CBD capsules and supplements, CBD gummies offer a variety of flavor options to make taking this form of CBD as delightful as it is beneficial. When picking your perfect gummy, keep an eye out for those crafted with natural ingredients.

Some of the best ones synergize CBD with other beneficial botanicals, supporting its absorption and effects. Consider our Relax CBD Gummies that pair CBD with the adaptogenic ashwagandha, known for its calming properties. Or consider our Energy Gummies, which provide an energy lift with B12 vitamins and caffeine, ensuring you feel invigorated without the jitters.

CBD gummies offer a harmonious blend of nostalgia and modern wellness, echoing the joy of childhood while catering to the well-being of adulthood.

Topical Application: Lotions, Balms, and Creams

For those who like to get hands-on with their wellness routine, topical CBD applications, like creams, balms, and lotions, offer a tactile experience. It's akin to providing a comforting touch exactly where it's needed, directly addressing the area seeking relief.

The beauty of these products lies in their targeted approach. Unlike some CBD forms that set off on a full-body journey, topicals focus their attention. They don't enter into the bloodstream, but rather, they get to work right where they're applied, interacting with CB receptors at the site.

The result? Fast-acting, localized relief. Whether it's after an intense workout when your muscles are singing tales of their exertion, or you're simply seeking to hydrate and nourish your skin, these products have your back — or arms, legs, or face.

Consider a post-workout scenario. You’ve pushed yourself, and your muscles are weary. A topical application, like our Recovery CBD Balm, can be a savior, helping ease the tension. Or, on days when your skin feels parched and is screaming for some TLC, our Restore Lotion can be your hydrating hero.

These soothing topicals can be reapplied throughout the day as needed, working within minutes to provide the localized support your body craves.

Exploring CBD Oils and Tinctures in Food and Drinks

With CBD's escalating popularity, it's no wonder that aficionados are getting creative about how they introduce this gem into their daily lives. One delightful method? Incorporating CBD oils and tinctures into our meals and beverages.

Think about it: A refreshing morning smoothie, perhaps with a medley of berries and a hint of mint. Now, add a few drops of CBD oil, and you've just upgraded your morning routine, adding a layer of wellness to kickstart your day. It's the kind of pairing that doesn't just fuel your body but also speaks to your soul.

The beauty of this method is twofold. For those who aren't fans of the earthy taste that CBD might occasionally offer, blending it into food or a tantalizing drink masks it efficiently. More than just flavor, it's about seamless integration. By infusing CBD into your meals or beverages, you're ensuring it becomes a natural part of your daily regimen, with no extra effort required.

One consideration when you use CBD in this manner is that there’s a potential dip in bioavailability. But you can support absorption by incorporating CBD into meals rich in fatty acids, like a creamy avocado smoothie or a hemp oil grain bowl dressing. These fatty elements can support CBD absorption, ensuring you get the best out of your infusion.

Are There Any Safety Risks of Using CBD?

The CBD journey isn't just about how you take it; it's also about what you take. The market is teeming with options, but as with all things, not all CBD is created equal. Quality and safety should be the watchwords on every consumer's lips.

At Muscle MX, we believe in a holistic approach to CBD. Our formulations are designed with the utmost precision to ensure you're not only getting effective CBD but also a product free from unwanted side effects.

Every ingredient in our products is ethically sourced and free of parabens, heavy metals, and pesticides. To strengthen the bond of trust, we employ rigorous third-party testing. The results of this testing are readily available on our website, epitomizing our commitment to transparency.

While side effects are rare when using high-quality CBD products, some users may experience minor and temporary side effects, such as nausea and fatigue, depending on the other ingredients added. To limit the risk of these undesirable effects, our advice is to start low and slow.

It's crucial to listen to your body and adjust accordingly. Dive into the CBD journey with confidence, knowing Muscle MX stands by quality, efficacy, and, most importantly, you.

The Bottom Line

In the sprawling landscape of CBD, if there's one thing we've learned, it's this: when it comes to how to take CBD, there's no one-size-fits-all. What is the best way to take CBD? It's deeply personal and contingent on individual preferences and needs. Whether you're a gummy enthusiast, a topical devotee, or a tincture aficionado, the right method is the one that resonates with you.

Yet, amid this vast choice, one truth remains constant: the importance of product quality and safety. As you embark on your CBD journey, let Muscle MX serve as your trusted guide. With a range of broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD products teeming with soothing cannabinoids, terpenes, and botanical wellness companions, we have something for everyone.

Curious about which method might be your perfect match? Dive into the world of Muscle MX. Explore our comprehensive line and find the method that complements your unique wellness journey.


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