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Ways to Use CBD Oil for Anxiety
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Ways to Use CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD, one of the most abundant — and well-known — cannabinoids in the hemp plant, has become a popular natural remedy for a wide variety of ailments. The results of recent research studies have suggested that the cannabinoid may help with pain, inflammation, and insomnia. Some research is also showing that it may help ease symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiety is among the most common mental health concerns in the US, affecting more than 40 million adults. The term "anxiety" encompasses several anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety and social anxiety. While some anxiety is normal — and can even be a beneficial response to stress — the symptoms don’t typically linger. However, those with anxiety disorders often experience persistent symptoms that can interfere with daily life.

Therapy is a common treatment for anxiety, as are prescription medications. The results of available research on CBD and anxiety are promising, and show that it may alleviate symptoms of anxiety disorders.

If you’re considering using CBD, here’s what you need to know about how to use CBD oil for anxiety.

3 Solid Ways to Use CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD oil is a liquid CBD product that consists of hemp-derived CBD and a carrier oil such as MCT or coconut. It’s discreet to carry around, and easy to dose. It's also incredibly versatile, and can be used in many ways.

Take Oil Under Your Tongue for Quick Therapeutic Effects

Taking a CBD oil sublingually provides the fastest-acting results. It’s also one of the easiest ways to take it. With this method, you place your dose under your tongue and hold it there for approximately 60 seconds. The CBD absorbs through the thin layer of skin under your tongue and goes directly into your bloodstream.

Mix CBD Oil Tinctures With Your Preferred Beverage

A sublingual application typically yields fast-acting effects, but not everyone is a fan of CBD oil’s flavor. If you don’t like the natural flavor of CBD oil, you can mask it with your favorite hot or cold beverage. Drop your dose into your coffee, tea, juice, milk, or smoothie and give it a good stir.

One thing to note about this method is that it will take a little longer to feel the benefits of your dose. When ingested, CBD has to travel through your digestive system before it enters your bloodstream.

Add Your Daily Dose to Your Morning Meal

Another way to take your dose — and mask the flavor of your CBD oil — is to add it to your breakfast. Taking your dose with food accomplishes two things:

  • The flavor of your breakfast masks that of your oil.
  • Having food in your stomach can help improve the bioavailability of your oil, meaning more CBD absorbs into your system.


How CBD Works to Help With Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and social anxiety disorder (SAD) are two of the most common forms of anxiety affecting adults. The former refers to the chronic worrying about everyday life that makes completing daily tasks difficult. The latter refers to fears surrounding social interactions.

Other anxiety disorders include:

  • Phobias
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Panic disorder

Those with anxiety disorders may also experience depression and difficulty sleeping (insomnia).

Several studies have looked into the impact of CBD oil on anxiety disorders. So far, the results have been generally positive. For instance, a 2011 study that looked at the effects of CBD on anxiety induced by simulated public speaking found that the cannabinoid can help reduce anxiety symptoms, as well the discomfort of the speaker. A 2019 study found that CBD could help reduce anxiety levels and improve sleep.

So, how does CBD help with anxiety? Scientists are still working to understand exactly how the cannabinoid works. Research indicates that CBD interacts with serotonin receptors, activating them. It may also alter how the receptors react to the serotonin that’s already in your system. When that happens, it produces anti-anxiety effects.

What Makes a High-Quality CBD Oil?

Once you decide to try CBD oil for anxiety, you’ll want to take some time to research different brands to ensure you’re getting a high-quality product. There are numerous CBD companies out there, and not all of them have the best interests of their consumers in mind.

What is the best CBD oil for anxiety? Here are a few tips to help you find a great product:

  • Read the ingredient label. While ingredients may vary, any oil you choose should list CBD or hemp extract. Ideally, choose a product with organic ingredients.
  • Opt for broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD extract contains almost all of the cannabinoids and terpenes of the original hemp plant, with the notable exception of THC. Full-spectrum products do have THC, but they don’t have more than 0.3%. Even so, some people still worry about potential psychoactive effects. Research indicates broad-spectrum and full-spectrum products may be more beneficial than those containing CBD isolate.
  • Check the lab results. Reputable companies generally have their products third-party lab-tested to verify cannabinoid content and ensure safety. If you don’t find the results on the company’s website, request them. Be wary of any company that refuses.
  • Read reviews. Reviews can provide additional insight into a product’s quality as well as the company as a whole.


What Is an Effective Dose of CBD?

Everyone is different, meaning that everyone’s ideal or effective dosage is different. Finding how much CBD oil for anxiety is right for you will take a bit of trial and error. Generally, a single serving of CBD oil is a full dropper (1mL). The amount of CBD per dose depends on the potency of the product you select. If you think a full dropper may be too much, start with a half dose — or even a quarter.

How soon does CBD oil work for anxiety? Sublingual CBD often takes effect within 15 to 30 minutes. If you mix your oil into your food or beverage, it can take 1 to 1.5 hours. If you don’t feel anything for a while (at least 2 hours) after taking your dose, take a little more next time. Gradually increase your dosage until you find what works.

Start Using CBD Oils for Anxiety and Anxiety-Related Disorders Today

While research is still ongoing, the available studies show CBD oil could provide another solution for people living with anxiety disorders. The right CBD oil for anxiety dosage may offer relief from your symptoms, making it easier for you to live your daily life.

If you’re looking to start using CBD oil for anxiety, Muscle MX has what you need. For more information or to browse our selection of high-quality CBD oils, visit us online today!

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