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CBD for Hip Pain Management

 Cannabidiol (CBD) is an increasingly popular remedy for treating hip pain. Its natural anti-inflammatory and nerve-regulating properties make it an ideal solution for managing acute pain, chronic pain, and all the anxieties that come with it. No matter how long you've been living with hip pain, CBD can help you push through physical activity and keep you on your feet.

What Causes Chronic Joint Pain?

Hip pain is most recognizable by its brief surges of acute pain, but hip and joint pain are chronic for many. Before learning how to ease hip pain, it's crucial to understand what's causing it for the most effective treatment.

Pressure on Joints

Hip pain is most commonly caused by forms of arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis that decrease the cartilage cushioning your bones and increase inflammation around your joints. The result can be incredibly painful and restricting, especially when localized in your hip and pelvis, and most doctors believe that the wearing cartilage will only get worse with time.

People without arthritis may also feel painful pressure on their hip joints. Bursitis, tendinitis, labral tears, and general muscle and tendon strain can all negatively contribute to your joint health, especially if combined with other pre-existing health conditions like nerve entrapment and inflammation.

Pinched Nerves

Pinched nerves are, unfortunately, a common source of acute pain in the hip and aren't exclusive to people with arthritis. This nerve entrapment can occur during physical activity and consists of nerves getting caught within your hip and pelvic region. Pinched nerves can cause severe neuropathic pain, limit movement, and introduce various other unwanted symptoms.

Every case of nerve entrapment is different, but many people have found relief by stretching and mobilizing their nerves and tissue. Aerobic exercises and awareness of your hip's limitations are also helpful practices. Unfortunately, there are times when stretching and being proactive aren't enough to keep the pain down, which is why many people have turned to natural remedies like CBD for their hip pain management.


Forms of inflammatory arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis, can cause extreme pain in the hip joint or worsen existing pain. The pain usually results from inflamed tissue severely restricting the range of motion within the hip joint, particularly near the pelvis. This pain can feel either dull or excruciating, particularly after extended periods with little physical movement.

Other symptoms of inflammation in the hip and pelvis include fevers, fatigue, lack of appetite, and muscle stiffness around the legs, which can cause a limp. Stretching and keeping yourself active are proactive methods for preventing hip pain, but they can't stop it once it's already started.

The Advantage of Natural Remedies for Hip Pain

Living with and treating hip pain isn't always the easiest, so it's crucial to find natural hip pain remedies you can depend on. In recent years, many people with arthritis and hip pain have turned to CBD and other cannabis plant products because they are efficient at reducing pain and inflammation and regulating your nervous system. CBD's federal legalization in 2018, combined with its ever-expanding market, has made it a readily available and affordable pain relief solution for many seeking to ease hip pain.

CBD is also non-addictive. Additionally, unlike other cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD's psychoactive qualities don't give you an intoxicating high, and its side effects are significantly milder.

How CBD Targets Hip Pain and Increases Mobility

CBD is beneficial for managing hip pain thanks to its neuropathic and anti-inflammatory properties. CBD is the best-known cannabinoid for reducing inflammation because of how the human body's cannabinoid receptors interact with pro-inflammatory proteins. Regarding neuropathy, interactions with your cannabinoid receptors cause your entire nervous system to regulate itself and diminish specific flare-ups of pain.

Put together, CBD offers the best pain relief for hip pain. This is especially useful for increasing physical activity or warding off the pain as you fall asleep. CBD's impact on the nervous system makes it generally less painful to maintain your desired activity level. The lack of inflammation should keep your joints and muscles moving slowly. Though CBD won't eliminate the pain entirely, it will trigger your body to start healing or at least ignore the pain so you can continue your daily activity.

Using Topical and Consumable CBD Products for Pain Relief

There are many hemp-derived CBD products available for treating hip pain, with most available in either consumable or topical forms. Consumable CBD products include gummies, oil drops, vape pens, and flower. These CBD options are better when you're feeling more significant amounts of pain that aren't localized in just one spot of your hip. CBD gummies and full-spectrum CBD oil for hip pain tend to have the longest-lasting effects of all CBD products and may be ideal if you know you need to move a lot.

CBD topicals include balms, lotions, and tinctures that should be applied directly to painful spots. Muscle MX's CBD balms are specialized for activating your hip muscles before physical activity or helping them recover at the end of a workout or long day. Unlike many CBD drops and gummies, CBD balm provides instant relief for both chronic and acute pain. To use balms, lotions, and tinctures, apply them to the painful area every four to six hours. Rub them in thoroughly for the best effect.

Quality CBD Products To Support Your Treatment Plan

Muscle MX's CBD for hip pain products have been tested through clinical trials and are highly rated by countless customers for how well they help people sleep, manage pain, and relieve anxiety. Unlike some CBD manufacturers, Muscle MX only uses natural ingredients and compounds in our CBD products to ensure the safest and most effective pain relief possible.

Many people with arthritis use Muscle MX's CBD as an alternative to prescription medication and medical cannabis. Find out which hip pain remedies are right for you by exploring our CBD product shop.

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