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How CBD Improves Your Winter Sport Recovery and Health
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How CBD Improves Your Winter Sport Recovery and Health

Popular winter sports like skiing and snowboarding can leave your muscles sorer than less exhilarating sports. While it's usually a proud and accomplished moment to feel your muscles that sore, it can also be uncomfortable. Even worse, this soreness can restrict you the next day if you don't treat yourself and your muscles right.

Cannabidiol (CBD) for winter sports can help loosen muscle tension, reduce inflammation, and limit how much pain you feel. This is especially helpful for those post-workout stretches that feel too painful to complete.

How To Use CBD When Facing the Rigors of Snow Sports

Mix a Few Drops of Oil in Your Favorite Winter Beverage

CBD oil drops are an increasingly popular way to consume winter CBD, especially if you're in a hurry. Typically available in 30mL bottles with dropper lids, CBD oils are best used when dropped and mixed thoroughly into a drink. Alternatively, many people put the oil dropper directly in their mouth under their tongue, but this can be an unpleasant tasting experience.

Most CBD drops feature 1000mg per bottle, which should last quite a while, particularly for new users. To use the drops, shake the bottle, unscrew the lid, and squeeze the dropper until you've drawn your desired dosage. New users shouldn't start with more than half a dropper's worth of oil, though every CBD oil is different. Then, drop the oils into your drink, be it a smoothie, protein shake, flavored water, or a late-night coffee. Ideally, you should finish the drink within a half hour for optimal results.

Try a CBD Gummy With Your Post-Skiing Meal

CBD gummies let users consume CBD for winter sports in an easier, arguably-tastier manner. Many CBD gummies come in flavors ranging from berry to mixed fruit to tropical. Eating a gummy before having a meal is recommended for the greatest impact but is not necessary to feel the CBD's effects.

Depending on the seller, CBD gummies range in strength, with typical dosages falling between 25mg and 50mg of CBD per gummy. Comparatively, most other tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-based edibles don't contain more than 10mg per gummy. Therefore, just one or two CBD gummies should be a large enough dosage for most users, especially those new to CBD.

Apply a CBD Muscle Therapy Balm or Lotion

CBD lotions, balms, and other topicals are applied directly to your skin rather than being consumed and are great for right after a hot bath. Ideal for specific injuries or sore muscles, CBD lotion can immediately help relieve pain and help your body in its healing process.

CBD balms work similarly but are applied like a deodorant stick rather than rubbed onto your skin with your hands. These lotions and balms often carry additional ingredients that can help rejuvenate your skin and expand upon the CBD's soothing feeling. Become of their versatility and pain-reducing properties, having CBD topicals on hand and knowing how to use them is a good idea for any popular sport.

The Benefits of CBD After a Long Day on the Slopes

From pain reduction to combating insomnia, CBD topicals, oils, and gummies offer various helpful properties that are perfect for extra recovery from winter sports. As more research is done, further positive qualities are being discovered regarding the link between CBD and athletic performance.

Reduces Pain and Inflammation in Achy Muscles and Joints

According to several studies, CBD products have anti-inflammatory properties that are great for muscle soreness, joint pain, pulled calf muscles, arthritis, multiple sclerosis (MS), and diabetes. It can also help with blood pressure, seizures, psychosis, skincare, and balancing your body temperature in cold weather. For this reason, many winter sports enthusiasts prefer relieving pain with CBD rather than using intoxicating THC products or pharmaceutical painkillers.

Whether you apply CBD as a lotion or consume it, it is a reliable way to help relieve pain and tension throughout your body. And if you happen to fall on the slopes, applying CBD lotion directly to where you fell should help reduce the pain and help any bruises or scuffs heal. Going even further, CBD's skincare properties can also help heal any acne or blotches after wearing your winter gear all day.

Improves Sleep and Combats Anxiety for a Deeper Rest

CBD is one of the best cannabinoids for combating insomnia and getting plenty of sleep. Unlike standard THC products that can afflict your sleep schedule and leave you tired in the morning, CBD generally maintains your REM sleep for a deep, rejuvenating rest. This means when you wake up the next morning, you should be well rested and ready for another day on the slopes (so long as you go to bed at a reasonable time). CBD is not a supplement for sleep and won't give you more energy than your standard sleep already does.

Over half of CBD users in the United States use CBD for its anxiety-easing properties, according to a study by Forbes. It's particularly useful for alleviating PTSD, phobias, and social anxieties. Whether you're shaken up from the thrills of skiing or having to socialize back at the hotel, CBD is a dependable way to take a chilled, calming break before you do it all again.

Speeds Up the Post-Workout Recovery Process

CBD is a fantastic post-workout solution for most popular sports thanks to its anti-inflammation and pain-reducing properties. It calms you both physically and mentally, letting the stress and fears of the slopes seep away as your muscles loosen. Along with stretching, CBD helps you loosen your muscles and joints just a bit more, making it easier to push through the pain of a particularly strong cramp.

CBD has also been shown to help heal skiing-related injuries and other complications from winter sports, some as severe as traumatic skeletal injuries. Even if you weren't aware of any minor injuries you endured on the slopes, the right CBD for muscle recovery might help the tension and pain disappear before you even notice it.

Quality CBD Products To Stay Healthy While Performing Your Favorite Winter Sports

At MuscleMX, we offer a variety of CBD products made to help you endure the most challenging of winter sport workouts. Our specialized CBD formulas can help you recover, relax, balance your entire system, and more, all labeled on the side of each product.

Whether you end up sore or have a less-than-ideal sleep schedule, CBD can help your body recover from the worst that skiing and snowboarding have to offer.

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