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Why CBD and Mountain Biking Are a Perfect Combination
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Why CBD and Mountain Biking Are a Perfect Combination

Nearly 40 million Americans participate in mountain biking annually. With better equipment and more trails, front-suspension and full-suspension mountain bike sales have shot up. And the pandemic gave everyone a reason to get on the bike and venture out for a long day in the mountains.

However, mountain biking's hardships are also becoming increasingly familiar to riders. A journey to isolated areas for biking means you have to deal with the anxiety of facing the unknown and overcoming obstacles. With your backpack filled with safety gear, food, first aid supplies, and maybe even an emergency shelter, the total weight can induce pain in your back and hips. Knee pain is also standard, as is the risk of a head-on collision during a tricky descent.

To tackle these challenges, mountain bikers are turning to cannabidiol (CBD). This natural extract from the cannabis plant has become a safe form of natural recovery and pain relief. Read on to discover how CBD has become a recovery aid for elite athletes, including mountain bikers.

The Role of CBD in Mountain Biking Performance

From reducing swelling to post-training recovery, CBD products can make mountain biking a joy ride for all. Below are CBD's benefits for athletes and why the phenomenon of CBD cycling recovery and CBD cycling performance is on the rise.

1. Reduces Inflammation and Swelling Around Knees

The knee is the joint most commonly affected by overuse injuries in recreational and professional cyclists. According to research, 40-60% of recreational cyclists and 36-62% of professional cyclists suffer knee pain.

This common musculoskeletal problem can affect different parts of the knee. The knee joint is especially vulnerable since it is one of the largest joints in your body, comprising bony components like the femur, patella, and tibia, along with major ligaments, cartilage, and tendons.

Even if you don't overuse your knee joint, riding longer or harder than what your body is used to can strain the connective tissues. Equipment changes can also result in pain and inflammation.

CBD can provide relief with its anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective pharmacological properties. And in the case of inflammation and oxidative stress, the compounds in CBD can be therapeutic. Applying a CBD-infused muscle balm or body lotion to the swollen area can help combat muscle soreness and aches.

2. Provides a Natural and Safer Form of Pain Relief

Mountain bikers are prone to developing pain, especially in their backs and hips, for several reasons. Incorrect bike size or saddle height can contribute to discomfort. But even with a well-fitting bike, you may not be safe from aches and pains because of weak core muscles or overexertion.

Over-the-counter pain relief drugs can cause side effects, such as nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, itching or sweating, depression, a weakened immune system, etc. CBD products are alternatives to painkillers — they can come to your rescue while limiting the usage of prescription drugs.

While using CBD may result in dry mouth, fatigue, and reduced appetite, CBD's side effects are generally minor and not universal.

CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants and has natural anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective pharmacological properties. Our extra strength, ultra-cooling topicals can help you with short and long-term pain management.

3. Decreases Anxiety Associated With Chronic Joint Ailments

According to a 2018 study, "Stress-related disorders were significantly associated with risk of subsequent autoimmune disease."

Anxiety and chronic joint ailments can be a vicious cycle for mountain bikers. While stress can heighten your alertness in small doses, it can also induce autoimmune or chronic joint conditions.

As mentioned above, CBD can help alleviate chronic pain. However, clinical studies prove that CBD also exhibits antidepressant-like and anxiolytic-like properties. A paper in The Permanente Journal indicates that CBD can affect body chemistry and reduce anxiety by raising serotonin levels. CBD helps lower stress and blood pressure levels by activating the parasympathetic system to release anandamide.

4. Maximizes Muscle Recovery by Improving Sleep Quality

We all know that sleep is essential. However, it can also dictate your mountain biking experience and performance.

A good night's sleep boosts your body's cellular, organic, and systemic functions. Poor sleep can affect glucose regulation, blood pressure, and cognitive processes. After a hard day's cycling, quality sleep can help your muscles recover, with your body releasing human growth hormone, a natural remedy for mental and physical rejuvenation.

However, chronic pain, aches, and anxiety can disrupt your sleep schedule. Instead of prescription sleeping pills which can lead to harmful side effects, bring CBD products along on your next biking trip. CBD can have therapeutic effects on sleep-related medical conditions. It reduces anxiety and pain, facilitating quality sleep.

Muscle MX's CBD oils are safe products that can decrease chronic pain symptoms and provide a good night's sleep.

5. Ensures Long-Term Biking With Neuroprotective Attributes

Neuroprotection is an effect that can help salvage, recover, or regenerate a body's nervous system, its cells, structure, and functions.

Mountain biking is exhilarating, but riders also have a high propensity for head injuries and concussions. Obstacles and hazards like boulders, trees, or other cyclists can result in high-speed crashes. And downhill bikers are especially at risk for traumatic brain injuries.

CBD can ensure you can continue biking now and into the future thanks to its neuropathic pain reduction. Studies on piglets and rats indicate that CBD displays neuroprotective activity without inducing considerable side effects.

How Mountain Bikers Can Find the Best CBD Products

Athletes across the board are looking into the role of CBD in their performance. Mountain bikers who brave extreme conditions regularly can benefit significantly from CBD.

Whether you're just getting started in mountain biking or looking to achieve better performance, CBD training can be your ally. However, getting your CBD mountain biking products from a trusted manufacturer is crucial.

At Muscle MX, we test our safe and effective products for quality and efficiency. Our products meet FDA guidelines for cGMP standards for dietary and food supplements.

In search of relief? Choose Muscle MX CBD products the next time you gear up for a mountain biking session. Our tested products can relieve chronic pain and assist in recovery.

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